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Monday, November 19, 2012

11/17/2012 My Mission!

 The MTC has been awesome! I have felt like crap, up until today.  The first day we like got dropped off then we were showed our rooms, then went straight to this classroom were our teacher talked to us in Spanish for like 30 min! he still hasn't talked to us in English yet!!!! Then we had a big meeting with the president and all the new missionary's! It was cool. Then we went back to the class and got talked to in Spanish more!! The next day we had gym! (its so nice to have time set apart to workout) Then class for three hours! Again no Ingles! but i feel like I'm starting to get a lot better at Spanish! oh and I for got to say on Wednesday night we found out that we had to teach an investigator in Spanish on Friday!!!!! Then we just had class and stuff, language study, and another three hour class where the teacher again no Ingles, so Friday came and we were freaking out about our lesson! We prepared a lot! but how much can you prepare with 2 days of Spanish under your belt?!?! So prayed and prayed and prayed! (by the way my companion (Elder Brindel) is awesome!!) so we went into our lesson with "Anna"! it went so well! we asked her about her family and what she liked to do, and about her family! she was awesome! our Spanish was so bad tho! and I had like no idea what she was saying the whole time! but we asked here if we could pray and we did, then we found a scripture Moroni chapter 2 verse 41 I think, but it was about how happy you can be with the gospel. (her family was struggling a little bit, and her and her husband had a few struggles) so then we testified to her that the gospel will bless her family! and we challenged her to read the book of Mormon! SHE SAID SHE WOULD!! then we closed with prayer and set up another appointment. So we have another appointment today and we're preparing to teach her the first lesson in preach my gospel!!! don't forget we did and are doing all this in Spanish!!!!!!
So for my bad spelling!! deal with it i don't have much time! my p day next week will be Friday! tell everyone, and Grandma Swenson especially I love them!!

Love You!!!!

Elder Kumpf.

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