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Sunday, August 11, 2013


well this week was hard!!!! hahaha it was just kinda nuts and nonproductive!!! monday we got back late from the activity and so we didn´t have time to do any famiy nights with anybody, tuesday we worked real hard! we got with hno roberto and put the plans down for his baptism! he put the date for wed the 31st of julio! so we are pumped for that, but its a little ways out! anyway, but no members wanted to leave with us so we didn´t have any lessons with members! and thats always the goal, is to have lessons with members, beacuse it really really helps your investigators progress a ton! cuz they have a friend and know someonne in the church besides just the missionaries! anway so tuesday night i got sick and threw up 3 or 4 times that night... and wed i felt awful so i slept all day and ya so that was a lost day! :/ and ya the rest of the week we kept working real real hard to have members with us, but no body wanted to leave with us, so we used our time where there a member already, like with hna Alicia and carla, we went to there house a couple nights, thursday they just were not home, and friday, her husband told us that she didn´t really have the ganas to meet with us, or basically she just didn´t want to... so that was sad, but we are not giving up on them yet! anyway and we have been working real real hard with our investigators! our biggest problem still is getting people to church!!! saturday we always commit everyone again to go! and this week we had at least 14 that said they were gonna come! and then that night we call them all again just to remind them! and all still good, then sunday in the morning we calla bunch of them again to make sure they wake up!  at this pint still good with some and alot don´t answer! then befor church we go around to pick up as many as we can! alot don´t answer the door, some have left to coban or somewhere else, and a few say ya we will be there a little late like 9:30... so we go and wait and wait and wait!and no body!!! luckly this week hno roberto came so we had him at church, but nobody else!  soooo frusterating!!!! but whatever, thats life! so we just need to work harder on getting people to church! but nthe assistance was back up a little this week at 55 people, so not to bad!

anyway we have some new goals for this week and they are to find more investigators! and to have members leave with us! we know these two things will really help us!

anyway about changes! well this week should have been changes, but the new president changed things up a bit, every change has 6 weeks and so we were in week six, but the president changed it so that we were in week two... (if that makes sense,) so basicaly we have 4 more weeks until changes! i think he did it so that he could get himself a little more organised befor the changes, cuz he only has like 8 days being president of this mission...   but anyway so i think i will probably leave san cristbal this next change! but untill then im gonna keep working super hard so that i leave the area good for the next elders!

anyways that pretty much it! im praying to have a better week this week! and also praying always that you guys are safe and well!


Elder Kumpf!


Just another walk in the jungle!


well well well this week was another hard good crazy one!! but we are having a little bit of progress! ill start off with some of the hard stuff!

first off this sunday at church there was 37 peolpe!!!!! durring the sacrament there was only 16!!!! including the 4 of us elders! and we didn´t have any investigators again... :(  but its not cuz we did´t try!!! we had 3 families that promissed us that they were gonna come!!! the first is this less active guy Christian and his nonmember wife, they have a couple of kids (like 3 and 7) and so they want to find a good camino to raise them in! so we gave his wife the first lesson this week ans she took it so so well, we invited her to be baptised when she knows its true and she said yes, and she said she would read and pray so we are super excited for them! buit the husband i guess got mad sick sunday, so that why they didn´t come to church!

one of the other families is just a contact we did,hno Jorge, and his wife. the wife really like the respect the church and has talked with this member lady about how she wants to come!  and the husband really wants to change his like and accept more god in his life, the wife had to work sunday but the husaband said him and his daughter would come to church! when we passed by sunday in the morning, just the daugher was there, and when we visited them latter that night! (last night) he said he had to go do a work thing and came back real late... but we had a super good lesson with him and he talked about how much he wants to learn and change! we talked about the gospel of christ, faith and repentace and baptism, and then invited hi to be baptised! he said ya and we put a date with him for the 3rd of agust!!!! we are gonna get with his wife and daughter and put the fecha with them to! but for right now we just have the fecha with him!! but he and we are real excited!!!

the other family is actually the son of Hno Juan el bautista! his name is orarldo, and we are teaching him and his wife! he said he would come to church, but at that last minuet he got a call from some one that needed a taxi to coban! (he is a taxista) and so he really needed the money, but they are cool and we are excited for them!

hno juan and his wife(the old people) are progressing! but right now they are just praying to ask god if they should get baptised agian! we have explained the Authority like a million times, but they are jus not sure if the need/should be baptised a second time! sos we shared a scripture from acts 18 i think were people were baptised a second time, beacuse it wasn´t by authority and they didn´t get the spirit the first tim. but even this scripture didn´t really help him!so we have plans with a member to go and the member will share his testimony about when he got his answer to be baptised in the church! we think this will really help them! and they didn´t come to church again cuz i gues they had to go to coban to pick up his pention check! but we need to help them try harder to come to church! cuz that will help them progress alot and will help them get their answer faster!

alrighty with Hno roberto!  i think we are gonna baptise him this week!!! we went tuesday with him and gave him a lesson about the urgancy of baptism again, and we understood, then he also expressed so other things! for example he wants to do it in this water park place in santa cruz! he wants to do it there cuz the pool there is fed by this natural spring, and its like the begening of a river, and he likes the idea of his sins getting washed away, and litterly leaving down the river! and he also doesn´t want very many people there, cuz its his convenio with god and he wants it to be like just him and god! so i think it is just gonna be us and the branch prez and him! but ya hno roberto is a whole lot more excited for it now! so i think these might have been little think keeping him from doing it! but he just needs some one to cover him at work and we should be good to go for this saturday!! but it will be a little different cuz it is like a little water park! slides and all! but we got permission to do it after hours when there are not any people there so it should be a little more reverant!! but it will be interesting all the same!!! haha

anyway thats a little bit of the news with our work!! and as Ronald McDonald says! "im lovin it!"  wooo!

today for p-day we went with the zone to this cool water fall! again a super sketchy steep like trail to it but it only took about 30 walking this time! and man this thing was cool! the water was running hard! so this thing was shooting out mist like crazy! you litterly got soaked from head to toe in like 2 minuets! just standing kinda close! but its super cool!!!

anyways!! i hope mom had an awesome birthday!

today is the first day officialy of mission Coban! but we still have not heard anything about when we are gonna meet prez  Curtis or anything, but im sure we will meet him soon!


Elder Kumpf!!!



well well how are you guys!!! <- (dumb question beacuse by the time i get the answer im just your state of being will have changed...) but i hope you all are HAPPY! <-  ALWAYS!!!!!
well this week was interesting and sad and happy and crazy and.... ya thats like everyday in the mission, its just nuts all the time!!!
 well lets start of with like the first few days of the week we were working real hard visiting people and teaching and ya... but no new fechas... then thursday we met with the family yat(less active family) in the night,  and we were talking about the baptism of their daughter and we told them we wanted to make like a little check list of the things she need to do to be ready for her baptism, like read a little everyday, go to church, pay tithing, anyway so we explained that the list was just to help her progress toward baptism, so we can all, her included know the things she needs to do to be ready for baptism..but they just aren’t ready to take those steps…so ya that was an adventure haha but i feel real sad, cuz they are an awesome family super great! the are just to focused on other things to put whats really important first - God -. and untill they change, the are gonna miss out on the real joy that they could have, and all the blessing that the could be recving....anyway, so ya we lost that date for baptism, and that leaves us at 0 dates for baptism! :(  but saturday night we sent them a text to remind them to go to church and be the example to their kids, and we told them to read DandC 68:25-35 (read it) hahaha pretty good ´´sincho´´(spanking) if you ask me! ;).  anyway then friday we had a multi zone mtg with prez Watts in coban! it was super super good! we learned alot from him and from the assitants and total, and it was kinda our last good byes with them! the new president will oficialy take over july 1st! sad day! but ill be visiting them for sure after the mission!
saturday we worked in the morning, then in the afternoon santa cruz(the other area thats part of our branch) had a baptism! so we invited everyone, all investigators and everything to it.
welp only had 1 investigator there... and only a few member too, maybe 20 people in total, but half an hour befor it was supposed to start, the ZL´s called elder Suitter (de santa cruz) and told him that President Watts and his wife were gonna come to their baptism! haha so they and us freaked out a little! cuz the prez never comes to baptims out side of the cap, unless he is in the area at just the right moment... and i guess they stayed in the Park Hotel (in santa cruz) friday night, and so were looking for something to do saturday, the the came over to san cristobal to the chapel for the baptism!!! andway it was real real cool to have them there! and always learning from them!

 for example, we were all waiting outside for the baptism to start and all the sudden prez runs down to the street goes in his car pulls out a pamphlet and starts talking to this family in the street! so me and my comp feeling all embaressed the prez is showing us how its done in our area we run down and help get the referance and ya, that was a cool example he set for us! to always be looking for people!
anyway the baptism went well the kid is 19 and just super pilas! hes the boyfriend of a member, but he is so going on a mission, ya he is a stud!
sunday was good! we had 66 people at church! but we only had one 1 inv. Hno roberto! he is still working super duper hard and hasn´t gottent vactions, witch is what he needs so he can have the time to get baptised! :/ but he is still super pilas! so we just keep bugging him to get vactions so we can put him in the water!
after church we went up to Coban (by hitchhiking ;) ) and went to that fireside leadership meeting thing they did! it was in the stake center in coban by satalite, but only in spanish! oh well, but man oh man it was so so so so good! haha it was just what we needed to help get the work going with the branch presidency and members! only a few members could go, but our branch mission leader was there, and our branch presidenbt!! (i hope they took ALOT of notes!) haha but i think it will help us work with them in more unity and help the work just explode! but ya i really loved the meeting!
anyway! it was another crazy week here in the mission! but im loving it!


well this week was an ok one!!! this week there was about 58 people at church! as far as investigators we had Alcia and Karla finaly come to church again! and we had one other guy ´´Beto´´ he is a new ish investigator, but just them three! :( juan and his wife had to go to coban to pick up his pention check or something, and hno roberto had to work, and one of the daughters of the Less active family was sick, so they didn´t come! so ya it wasn´t a complete failure at church! but we did´t have a bunch of the people we really wanted there...

anyway beto is a new guy and we have taught him a few lessons, but he has a real bad drinking problem! but he really really wants to change! and we even gave him a blessing yesterday to help him fight against this addiction he has... but ya we are gonna keep working with him and visiting him alot to help him stay on track! i know that he wants to change, he just need a little help! and i know that the gospel in his life will help him change 100 %!

Alicia and karla came and we were super glade because we have tryed to visit them like 4 times this wee but they were never there! we even waited like an hour for them at there house a few nights, and the just never showed up! but the finnaly came to church again! and we had a little lesson with them last night! really i thing it is my fault that we kinda lost them for a while, cuz with elder gutierez we would visit them like 3 times a week! then when i got put in charge we like never went up there, and they like fell away! but we are getting back in with them and i think this time they are ready to progress and  work towrd baptism!!! if we don´t have a fecha with them by the end of this week you can slap me! thats how confident i am that we are gonna put one with them!

with juan and his wife! they are good, and always willing to listen to us!  this week i went on divisions with one of our zone leaders! so he came to my area and my comp went to his area! we worked real hard and the goal of the day was to put a baptism date with juan and hios wife... but they just weren´t quite ready the just don´t quite understnd still and so they didn´t accept the date, but we have planes to go back and teach the autority of god lesson again, and just make it super super simple so that they can understand! but we just really need the help of the lord to get them to understand! but ya we are super close with them!!! and this week too one day there son was with them ´´orarldo´´40 abd so ya we taught him a little and gave him a BOM and he is super interested! so now we have him and his family as new investigators, and ya they are super interested too! so that was exciting!!!

with hno roberto, we still just need to get him some time to put him in the water! we proposed the idea of doing it in the morning sunday, or one saturday in the night, but he said he wanted to wait for his vacations from work! so we are praying that he gets those soon! but he is still super pilas and just an awsome guy!!

ya we areworking hard and we really really wanna get the goal we put to have 6 baptisms this month! i know its possible! and i know we can do it! but man oh man it is hard!!

anyway that was my week! just another fun crazy week in the mission!!! my comp and i are doing pretty good! im senor comp! haha and he keeps trying to help me with my pronuciation! HAHAH its funny beacuse he is the only one that tells me it is bad... member and stuff tell me i sound chapin! but i just lack some vocab! but i guess he thinks otherwize... oh well! haha but i do need to work on my vocab a little more just to get things down well, i stll mess up grammer and conjugation a bit! but oh well thats life! haha

and man oh man it is the rainy season!!!! it rains super hard every single day!!!! but you know we are like mail men! no matter the weather the work must go onward!!! i like working in the rain!!!



hey get out ther and start inviting our neighbors to hear the missionarys!!!!


Elder Kumpf!!!
Smiles Everyone, Smiles!

ok so i had this guy get me some wood thats called kaohuh or some thing like that.. but ya, he got my a piece of it with the hole drilled into it, and then i went to town widdling, and sanding and made myself a custom HLJ /CTR ring! Haz Lo Justo  it turned out supr cool! and the wood it super fine so it shouldn’t  break very easy! but ya... i like it alot!