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Sunday, August 11, 2013


well this week was hard!!!! hahaha it was just kinda nuts and nonproductive!!! monday we got back late from the activity and so we didn´t have time to do any famiy nights with anybody, tuesday we worked real hard! we got with hno roberto and put the plans down for his baptism! he put the date for wed the 31st of julio! so we are pumped for that, but its a little ways out! anyway, but no members wanted to leave with us so we didn´t have any lessons with members! and thats always the goal, is to have lessons with members, beacuse it really really helps your investigators progress a ton! cuz they have a friend and know someonne in the church besides just the missionaries! anway so tuesday night i got sick and threw up 3 or 4 times that night... and wed i felt awful so i slept all day and ya so that was a lost day! :/ and ya the rest of the week we kept working real real hard to have members with us, but no body wanted to leave with us, so we used our time where there a member already, like with hna Alicia and carla, we went to there house a couple nights, thursday they just were not home, and friday, her husband told us that she didn´t really have the ganas to meet with us, or basically she just didn´t want to... so that was sad, but we are not giving up on them yet! anyway and we have been working real real hard with our investigators! our biggest problem still is getting people to church!!! saturday we always commit everyone again to go! and this week we had at least 14 that said they were gonna come! and then that night we call them all again just to remind them! and all still good, then sunday in the morning we calla bunch of them again to make sure they wake up!  at this pint still good with some and alot don´t answer! then befor church we go around to pick up as many as we can! alot don´t answer the door, some have left to coban or somewhere else, and a few say ya we will be there a little late like 9:30... so we go and wait and wait and wait!and no body!!! luckly this week hno roberto came so we had him at church, but nobody else!  soooo frusterating!!!! but whatever, thats life! so we just need to work harder on getting people to church! but nthe assistance was back up a little this week at 55 people, so not to bad!

anyway we have some new goals for this week and they are to find more investigators! and to have members leave with us! we know these two things will really help us!

anyway about changes! well this week should have been changes, but the new president changed things up a bit, every change has 6 weeks and so we were in week six, but the president changed it so that we were in week two... (if that makes sense,) so basicaly we have 4 more weeks until changes! i think he did it so that he could get himself a little more organised befor the changes, cuz he only has like 8 days being president of this mission...   but anyway so i think i will probably leave san cristbal this next change! but untill then im gonna keep working super hard so that i leave the area good for the next elders!

anyways that pretty much it! im praying to have a better week this week! and also praying always that you guys are safe and well!


Elder Kumpf!


Just another walk in the jungle!

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  1. Hi- I appreciate your time spent serving a mission in Guatemala! I am with the Liahona Children's Foundation, and we serve 22 stakes in Guatemala. (https://liahonachildren.org/countries/guatemala). This Summer we are hosting "Nutritours" in Guatemala for people to come participate in our child nutrition screenings and other meaningful service, and do a little sight-seeing. https://liahonachildren.org/how-to-help/nutritours. We would love to tell you more about our organization and have you help us spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested in supporting our work in Guatemala. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions jessicawilkinson @ liahonachildren (dot) org. Thank you for your service!