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Sunday, August 11, 2013


well well how are you guys!!! <- (dumb question beacuse by the time i get the answer im just your state of being will have changed...) but i hope you all are HAPPY! <-  ALWAYS!!!!!
well this week was interesting and sad and happy and crazy and.... ya thats like everyday in the mission, its just nuts all the time!!!
 well lets start of with like the first few days of the week we were working real hard visiting people and teaching and ya... but no new fechas... then thursday we met with the family yat(less active family) in the night,  and we were talking about the baptism of their daughter and we told them we wanted to make like a little check list of the things she need to do to be ready for her baptism, like read a little everyday, go to church, pay tithing, anyway so we explained that the list was just to help her progress toward baptism, so we can all, her included know the things she needs to do to be ready for baptism..but they just aren’t ready to take those steps…so ya that was an adventure haha but i feel real sad, cuz they are an awesome family super great! the are just to focused on other things to put whats really important first - God -. and untill they change, the are gonna miss out on the real joy that they could have, and all the blessing that the could be recving....anyway, so ya we lost that date for baptism, and that leaves us at 0 dates for baptism! :(  but saturday night we sent them a text to remind them to go to church and be the example to their kids, and we told them to read DandC 68:25-35 (read it) hahaha pretty good ´´sincho´´(spanking) if you ask me! ;).  anyway then friday we had a multi zone mtg with prez Watts in coban! it was super super good! we learned alot from him and from the assitants and total, and it was kinda our last good byes with them! the new president will oficialy take over july 1st! sad day! but ill be visiting them for sure after the mission!
saturday we worked in the morning, then in the afternoon santa cruz(the other area thats part of our branch) had a baptism! so we invited everyone, all investigators and everything to it.
welp only had 1 investigator there... and only a few member too, maybe 20 people in total, but half an hour befor it was supposed to start, the ZL´s called elder Suitter (de santa cruz) and told him that President Watts and his wife were gonna come to their baptism! haha so they and us freaked out a little! cuz the prez never comes to baptims out side of the cap, unless he is in the area at just the right moment... and i guess they stayed in the Park Hotel (in santa cruz) friday night, and so were looking for something to do saturday, the the came over to san cristobal to the chapel for the baptism!!! andway it was real real cool to have them there! and always learning from them!

 for example, we were all waiting outside for the baptism to start and all the sudden prez runs down to the street goes in his car pulls out a pamphlet and starts talking to this family in the street! so me and my comp feeling all embaressed the prez is showing us how its done in our area we run down and help get the referance and ya, that was a cool example he set for us! to always be looking for people!
anyway the baptism went well the kid is 19 and just super pilas! hes the boyfriend of a member, but he is so going on a mission, ya he is a stud!
sunday was good! we had 66 people at church! but we only had one 1 inv. Hno roberto! he is still working super duper hard and hasn´t gottent vactions, witch is what he needs so he can have the time to get baptised! :/ but he is still super pilas! so we just keep bugging him to get vactions so we can put him in the water!
after church we went up to Coban (by hitchhiking ;) ) and went to that fireside leadership meeting thing they did! it was in the stake center in coban by satalite, but only in spanish! oh well, but man oh man it was so so so so good! haha it was just what we needed to help get the work going with the branch presidency and members! only a few members could go, but our branch mission leader was there, and our branch presidenbt!! (i hope they took ALOT of notes!) haha but i think it will help us work with them in more unity and help the work just explode! but ya i really loved the meeting!
anyway! it was another crazy week here in the mission! but im loving it!

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