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Sunday, August 11, 2013


well this week was an ok one!!! this week there was about 58 people at church! as far as investigators we had Alcia and Karla finaly come to church again! and we had one other guy ´´Beto´´ he is a new ish investigator, but just them three! :( juan and his wife had to go to coban to pick up his pention check or something, and hno roberto had to work, and one of the daughters of the Less active family was sick, so they didn´t come! so ya it wasn´t a complete failure at church! but we did´t have a bunch of the people we really wanted there...

anyway beto is a new guy and we have taught him a few lessons, but he has a real bad drinking problem! but he really really wants to change! and we even gave him a blessing yesterday to help him fight against this addiction he has... but ya we are gonna keep working with him and visiting him alot to help him stay on track! i know that he wants to change, he just need a little help! and i know that the gospel in his life will help him change 100 %!

Alicia and karla came and we were super glade because we have tryed to visit them like 4 times this wee but they were never there! we even waited like an hour for them at there house a few nights, and the just never showed up! but the finnaly came to church again! and we had a little lesson with them last night! really i thing it is my fault that we kinda lost them for a while, cuz with elder gutierez we would visit them like 3 times a week! then when i got put in charge we like never went up there, and they like fell away! but we are getting back in with them and i think this time they are ready to progress and  work towrd baptism!!! if we don´t have a fecha with them by the end of this week you can slap me! thats how confident i am that we are gonna put one with them!

with juan and his wife! they are good, and always willing to listen to us!  this week i went on divisions with one of our zone leaders! so he came to my area and my comp went to his area! we worked real hard and the goal of the day was to put a baptism date with juan and hios wife... but they just weren´t quite ready the just don´t quite understnd still and so they didn´t accept the date, but we have planes to go back and teach the autority of god lesson again, and just make it super super simple so that they can understand! but we just really need the help of the lord to get them to understand! but ya we are super close with them!!! and this week too one day there son was with them ´´orarldo´´40 abd so ya we taught him a little and gave him a BOM and he is super interested! so now we have him and his family as new investigators, and ya they are super interested too! so that was exciting!!!

with hno roberto, we still just need to get him some time to put him in the water! we proposed the idea of doing it in the morning sunday, or one saturday in the night, but he said he wanted to wait for his vacations from work! so we are praying that he gets those soon! but he is still super pilas and just an awsome guy!!

ya we areworking hard and we really really wanna get the goal we put to have 6 baptisms this month! i know its possible! and i know we can do it! but man oh man it is hard!!

anyway that was my week! just another fun crazy week in the mission!!! my comp and i are doing pretty good! im senor comp! haha and he keeps trying to help me with my pronuciation! HAHAH its funny beacuse he is the only one that tells me it is bad... member and stuff tell me i sound chapin! but i just lack some vocab! but i guess he thinks otherwize... oh well! haha but i do need to work on my vocab a little more just to get things down well, i stll mess up grammer and conjugation a bit! but oh well thats life! haha

and man oh man it is the rainy season!!!! it rains super hard every single day!!!! but you know we are like mail men! no matter the weather the work must go onward!!! i like working in the rain!!!



hey get out ther and start inviting our neighbors to hear the missionarys!!!!


Elder Kumpf!!!
Smiles Everyone, Smiles!

ok so i had this guy get me some wood thats called kaohuh or some thing like that.. but ya, he got my a piece of it with the hole drilled into it, and then i went to town widdling, and sanding and made myself a custom HLJ /CTR ring! Haz Lo Justo  it turned out supr cool! and the wood it super fine so it shouldn’t  break very easy! but ya... i like it alot!

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