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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hahaha well this last few days were nuts!! after we wrote you guys thursday we had a zone mtg. our district and the zls. man it was real good, but they talked to us about how they were sad that really our zone has been failing in baptisms.last month, for all the 10 pairs of missionaries in our zone, there was only 5 baptisms! the goal for the mission is 4 per pair per month, so that number should have been 40! so ya we are sucking alot! but they right then gave us 5 minuets to think and pray and give them a goal of how many we are gonna have in the month of june! we thought and our goal for me and my companion is 6!!! they are all close we just need to work real hard!!!

as far as these 6 people! they are our main focus and reall the ones that we are gonna put 100 percent of our effort into!

first is Alicen - she is the 9 year old daughter of a less active family, the family hasn´t come to church in two years as a result their youngest daughter alicen is not baptised! and she is 9! so she is one of our investigators! we have been working hard with her for the past month or so, she is smart and has all the gosple knoledge so we are mostly focusing on the mom and getting her back to church! cuz if the mom doesnt come back to church the familty is just gonna fall away again and the baptism wont really matter! but we have given lesson after lesson and ya she is changing bit by bit, but thursday after our zone meeting, we were like alright! we are putting a baptism date with her! so we went and it was just her dad and her, and we asked her if she wanted to be baptised and she said yes! so we asked her why and explained about baptism and stuff, then we brought out a callender, and asked her to pick a date of when she thinks she will be ready! she said the 20 of july!!! so thats her fecha for right now, we think it will happen sooner, but will see, Then we talked with her about the things she need to do before, and about coming to church and reading, and she promised she would, also the dad promes that he would keep bringing her to church! he and the two daughters came 2 sundays ago, but the mom no... but this sunday a mirical happened!! we were sitting in church about to start, and they walk in!!! the WHOLE FAMILY! mom and all! man we were so freaking happy!!! and she had a good time, and I think her and the other hermana made up!!! so we are praying that she keeps coming! and keeps being an example for her daughter!!

Anyway, sunday was a huge blessing after a couple weeks of hard hard work without results!!! we had alicen (the daughter) hno roberto, and this investigator couple, juan and his wife!!! (they finaly came! after 2 months of trying to get them at church!!!!) so ya it was a very happy day for me!!! so we had 4 invesitgators at church, and the attendance was 67!!! moving up!!!!!!

so ya right now our focus is on Alicen, Roberto, Juan and his wife, and Alicia and karla, they are the 6 baptisms we are planning on having this month! but for right now only Alicen has a date... and its for next month... but hey its a date!

anyway we are working real real hard! and seeing a few results!!! :)

As far as my comp!! his spanish is good! he has like perfect grammer, he just has pretty bad pronuciacion... sp (spanish) but i'm helping him with that and he is hepling me with my grmmer, so we understand each other pretty well and everyone normaly gets what we are saying! haha

well well i love you guys so so so much!! youur always in my prayers!!!

Elder Kumpf!

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