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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well well hahaha this week was a little crazy again!! but this week we could see some results!!!! first of we had 51 at church and we had two investigators! Oscar and Roberto!!! the two of them have fechas para bautismo!!! Roberto for this week end the 11th and Oscar for next week on Friday the 17th!!!
It was also pretty awesome Sunday, we got to church and the meeting started and only Oscar was there! and this Sunday was fast Sunday, in our fast we asked specifically that Roberto and Oscar could come to church and could be ready for their baptisms! So when only Oscar was there I was real said, cuz basically we would have to push back the baptism or Roberto another week! :/ so after sacrament I was just praying talk hard with God, you know trying to figure out why Roberto couldn´t come, and how we were gonna have to push back his date, and all these sad thoughts, just triste in over all, but I ended my silent prayer and look up... and there was Roberto!!! Sitting with my comp!!! It was a real miracle and such an answer to my prayers!!!
with Roberto we had planes to baptize him the 4th this week end, but he didn´t show up last Sunday, and then we couldn’t{t find him all this week!! so frustrating!! but finally Friday we got with him, and put a new fecha for the 11th! he is excited!! we also met with him after church Sunday and just talked details of the baptism, and  answered a few questions that he had and ya, he is ready!! the only thing that could stop him is if he can´t get off work!! but he is asking and will find out wed!! so we are praying real real hard for him that it can happen this weekend and not get pushed back again! but i have faith it will happen! so be looking for bautismo pictures next week!!!
With Oscar! he is awesome! he always comes to church and ya he is just awesome!!! I can´t even describe how perfect he is haha golden investigator! originally we had his date for Friday the 10th cuz he is in university Saturdays, but he asked if we could do it the 17th because he wants his GF (who is a member in the capital) to be there, and the 10th is mother’s day, so she could come out, but we pushed it back so he can have her there, and it all be super awesome!!! man we are excited!!!
As for our other investigators, we have quite a few, we are just trying to find the ones that are gonna progress and focus on them! We have a mission goal of 11 new investigators every week! its alot! beacuse alot are not gonna want to progress! So we need to keep looking and find the ones that the lord has prepared! So we can use our time with them! Sounds bad a little, but we need to focus on those who the lord has really prepared to hear us!!
Anyway, thats where we are at in the work!!!
We’re working hard!! and seeing a few results!! :)
First of ya the cave was sweet! and it was just an actividad de disricto, our district has 10 elders 2 in San Cristobal (us) 2 in Santa Cruz (part of our branch) 2 in Valparaiso (they have a branch of their own) and 4 in Tactic (branch there also) but part of the area on Tactic goes down to a town called Purulah! and that is kinda where the cave was! This week we did an actividad de zona! and the other district in our zone is in Salaman which is in Baja Vera Paz, but ya,
Most people in SanCristobal work in this factory that makes shoes! haha or a lot sell food in that market! or some go to Coban to work!

love you all so so much!!! be safe talk to you soon!! LITERALY!!! hahaha woo!!!
 Elder Kumpf!

Today p-day we went to chulasco! ¡sp? it is the biggest water fall in central america!! it was sweet it was like a 2 hour bus ride then like 1.5 hours of hiking!!! and like troping throu jungle hiking, like dang you could hardly call it a trail! and there was this one point where we had to like cross this sketchy steep part where a mud slide had gone through!! it not a tourist area, infact we where the only ones there!! but it was sweet! (actually didn´t seem that big! i think the ones in yosemate are bigger!)
but it was awesome none the less! and ya i just love being out troping through the jungle and mountains!! fun day!!! good pics!! it was with the whole zone too,


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