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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well well hi there :) this week was good!!! First off, WE BAPTIZED OSCAR!!!!!! Woo! haha it was Friday night and ya it was really good, the Elder from Santa Cruz with is a different city but the same branch, they also had a baptism! And so we did them at the same time!!! I was the one who baptized Oscar!! It was real cool! haha and I only messed up saying the ordinance like 6 times!!!!! haha like the fifth time I just looked up and told everybody I’m still learning Spanish! They all laughed, and then I finally got it right! haha, but I only had to put him in the water once, so that was good! And Elder Suiter (the huge other gringo) was the one from Santa Cruz to baptize the Hermana from his area. It was a real good service! Then Sunday we had the confirmation! All good in the hood!! He is so so pilas! I know he is gonna be a great leader in the church!

We had 50 people at church! And 2 investigators! Oscar doesn’t count now! We had hno Roberto! (he is awesome coming to church on his own and all, but he always has to leave right after sacrament to go work, cuz he is the only mechanic at the hospital and I guess a lot of stuff always breaks that he has to go fix, so he is always having to go there, and can hardly ever stay for second and third hour, but he almost always comes to sacrament so that’s awesome! we are just waiting  for him to tell us when he gets his vacation time so we can do the baptism! he really wants to, and we keep asking and asking! I know it will happen soon! and the other investigator we had was this daughter of this less active family! she has 9 years so she is our baptism! they stopped coming to church about 2 years ago, cuz the wife had a problem with another sister, but we have been working hard hard with them and the dad and his 2 daughters came this Sunday! one is 12 and already baptized and the other is the one we are working with! but ya the mom still didn´t want to come! she is real real stubborn! but we are more stubborn so don´t you worry about it!!!

This week we also had a 3 zone conference in Coban Thursday, with Elder Martino of the 70! Man oh man we got some good ´´sincho´´ (spanking) haha he told us that our mission will be the only mission in the world with only 1 stake!  The rest have 3 or 4 at least! But ours will have only 1! So he talked about how we really need to work on baptizing priesthood so we can have leaders in the church! And more than just baptizing them, making sure they get the Melchezidek priesthood! He gave the stats from all the areas and all the wards from the past two years, and the most part of them only had 0 or 1 or 2 ordinations of recent converts in the past two years!!! So ya he was like bam! You guys need to step it up!!!!!! But it was a real real good meeting!!! He also talked about the vision that one of the prophets had (idk who) who said in Guatemala there would be 3 temples 1 in Guatemala City, 1  in Quetzaltenango - and 1 in Coban!!!!!!! So ya we have a lot of work to do before we have the members sufficient enough to sustain a temple!! So ya, so good crazy interesting news!! And so good drive to change the work here!!!
Well well the work is hard hard! But oh so good! haha I’m really really loving it!!!
We will have changes again next week! (how fast was that 6 weeks!) But me and my comp are not gonna change cuz we are training!  But we will see who from the district will leave! And I think this is the last change before the mission split!!

Oh and the ties were awesome!!! I have given a bunch away already!!! And I kept a couple of the cool ones for myself!!! In the pacas (mini thrift stores) you can find cool ties pretty cheap like 5 quet s! So I have bought a bunch of those haha so ya I have a lot of ties!!! But there is always room for more!!!

Anyways i love you guys so so much!!! I really miss you guys! but I’ll see you in a year and a half! and that’s cool with me!!! hahah anyway!

be safe! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!


After this ward activity there was this giant frog or toad idk but i pout it in a bag!!! look how huge it is!!!!! (want to kiss it, but they said i might die... so i didn´t haha)

Well check this out! ok the first is a giant map we made on the wall so we can mark where inv. members and less actives live so you can know easy! cuz here, there is no such thing as an address, just ´´over there by that tienda in the blue house´´ oh gee thanks thats real spacific! haha so this will help the next elders that come in know where everyone is at! but its just of the city,,, and alot of the members and investiogators live like on the outskirts of the city.... so ya, we will see if it actualy helps... but as for know its like half done... but i did use a scripute to decsribe one of the big building in the center of the town! in the block i just wrote 1 nephi 13:6 look it up and you will laugh!
and the other pic is a map in the area book of our area!!!! all of it is ours!! and you can see the tiny section that is the town! the rest is corn fields mountains and little ´´aldeas´´ the other day we went to chiyuc to do some contacting, it went well so i think we will go back! and i think it will work too, cuz its not so far away that people can´t come to church, its only 2 quets and like a 20 min bus ride! pretty close!! so we hope to get some people from there!!!
cool huh!!!!

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