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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well hey there family that is 2,000 miles away!!!!! How are you doing!!! Wow thats cool, haha im great!!!!!!

Well this week was a good hard crazy one!! haha but they all are like that in the mission! We have been teaching a lot! This week we had a good amount of lessons and the Lord really blessed us to be able to find our investigators when we were looking for them, and that they were willing to hear us! But the only thing we didn´t do very well was have lessons with members! It is so so important to have members at the lessons so that when we leave they still have friends in the ward and stay active! The goal of the mission every week: have 15 lessons with members, and this week we only had 6... And 3 of them were this Sunday after church!! But we did have a lot of other lesson with just us and the investigators... which is good, cuz we are teaching, but bad cuz there is no friendships! The goal of the mission is to have only 5 lessons per week with just the missionaries and inv. and this week we had 11! :/ so ya good but I wanna have alot more with members!!!

One day we went up to Chiyuc! and Aldea about 30 minutes away to contact a reference of a member! Then we stayed through and contacted the rest of the day!! It’s cool there and the people are friendly so I think we will be going back soon! 
Anyway Sunday was another sad one! no investigators at church!!:(:( :( And man we tried so so so hard to get people there! But it just didn´t happen!!! The assistance was only 45 too :/ but it’s ok we will change things!!!

Then Sunday night we got calls about changes! I wasn’t even thinking about it, cuz trainers like always always have the full 12 weeks (2 transfers) with their ´´kid´´ but guess what!!!! They called and my kid Elder IrĂ­as is going to the cap!!!!  :O   what!!!!! We where real real surprised!!! But this is the last transfer before the mission split! So I guess the lord really needed him in the mission Este! :/ so weird and I was real surprised! But I know the Lord needs him where he needs him! I was thinking it must have been one of two things, Either 1 I did such a good job training, that my comp only needed 6 weeks, OR haha 2, I did such a bad job that he needs to get someone else better to help him before I permanently mess him up! haha!! But I’ll keep thinking it was the first!!! HAHAH but ya ill miss the little kid,  I think I was just starting to get used to him!!!

Anyway speaking of the mission split, no I haven’t heard anything really... so we will see what happens in the next couple weeks! But I’m like 95 percent sure that this is that last change before the splits, so where we are is where we are!!! and in terms of the box, id just send it! i know they will get it worked out!

Be safe and don´t do anything too crazy!!!

love you!

Elder kumpf!!

Today some elder heard about this coll caves, that were suposed to be pretty newly found! so we got on a bus and went to check them out after a 45 min bus ride it was suposed to be an hour and a half of slow walking... well that was a lie! it was totaly 2 hours of good missionary walking! and like super high up this mountain!!! like super super high!!! witch i didn{t get why there would be caves at the top of a mountain... anyway we get there and they were cool, but tiny!! the hardly went anywhere, but they were like a fresh water spring! so there was like water just gushing out of holes and super cool! but i guess the governer and the people built like centent tanks and tubes so they could capture the water... idk, but there was still a ton of water going down the side of this mountain leaving these caves! and yes i did take the risk and i drank so of the water! :/ haha we will see if i die! but i don´t think so cuz it was litterly gushing out of the rocks! like talk about fresh mountain spring water!!! ya thats whats up! and we did find this little part where the cave contiued, but just to another small room! but it was full of BATS!!! totaly got hit in the face by a bat like 6 times!!! hope i don´t have rabbies! haha but it was a good adventure!!!


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