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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hey hey! Seems like I was just talking to you guys!!! Man they sure don’t give us enough time to talk with you all!!! Miss you guys a ton and could have talked for hours and hours!!! But it’s all good!

Any way this week was a good one except that hno Roberto didn´t get baptized!!! :/  but we are gonna find a day and dunk him!!! But this week we are gonna have a baptism for sure with Oscar! It will be Friday at 5!!! woo I’m so excited!!! He is super awesome!! His girlfriend (member in the capital) is gonna come here and everything!!! Its gonna be super sweet!!! and ya we are working real real hard and being obedient and loving the people, so now we are just waiting to see the blessings of the Lord!!! haha :) but ya, we also got a few new investigators this week and they seem like real good prospects! gonna work hard hard hard with them!!!!  Man the time is flying by so so fast! tomorrow is my 6 month mark!!! Say what!!!! But ya I’m excited for the year and a half I have left!!!

Anyway! Not to much more to say! and not much more time!!! Here are some pictures of the turkey that Hermanita cooked for us! and ´´sac- ick´´ and ´´kak-ick´´ sac-ick is the white creamy one! and that is the turkey who’s brain I totally ate a piece of!! hahaha
I got a hair cut again! it’s pretty short haha but I like it short! and it cost like 10 qts to cut hair!! haha
I’ll send you a pic of the whole area that we have next week! The town we have been working is just the smallest part!!!! But we probably won’t get to the far out villages ever! But we might visit them some time!!

Ya well I love you guys so much!!! Hope all is well! and I’ll talk to you again next week!!!
Love love love you all!!!! 


Also a pic of me and a cow brain i a bag that hermanita is gonna cook this week! im excited to try it!!!

Well  haha the mothers day here was fun!! friday we celebrated it with hermanita friday! we bought her some flowers and suprised her with some fire crackers!!!
haha she like it! then on saturday night we had the mothers day activity at the church! it was really good! but a little long! haha the young men and young woman did like skits and little things with the moms, and the primary sang them a song! and they made us elders do an activity! so we had 4 moms come up, to se how good they were at putting on make up! so they had to put make up on us!!!!! but they were blind folded with our ties!!! haha it was real real funny!!!! ya one elder got this lady that was real native, .like i don´t think she had ever seen makeup! haha so she just started doing big circles and drwing all over the face of one of the elders from santa cruz!!! oh man it was do funny!!!!! here are some pics!!!


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