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Sunday, June 9, 2013


  • Well its not Monday... but here´s the news just the same! :)‏

Well well pretty nuts week!!! First off last Monday night my comp. packed up all his stuff and then Tuesday we went around to say good bye and stuff then about 4 we got on a bus to Coban! we passed by Santa Cruz and I got off there and we switched with one of the elders from Santa Cruz that was also going to the cap for changes, so  those two left in the bus and I stayed in Santa Cruz with an elder from Idaho elder Suiter! He’s cool and we are pretty good buds cuz they are part of our same branch! 
Anyway so I stayed with him in Santa Cruz Tuesday night and we worked hard! Then we worked all day Wednesday in his area again! It’s cool to change and work with different people gives you new perspective and new ideas! Anyway then we slept there Wed night too, and Thursday morning we went to pick up our new comps from Coban! My new comps name is Elder Lomeu!!!! He is from Sáu Paulo Brazil! Crazy!!! But he is awesome! He has like 4 months in the mission, he was in the MTC in Brazil for 6 weeks learning Spanish, and then he had to wait in a mission there in Brazil for a few weeks till he got his papers to come here, then he was in the cap! So ya he is awesome! Has a big heart and super nice, But he is cool so! Anyway so ya he came Thursday and we have been working sense then...

As far as our investigators come! Well we are working hard but we obviously need to work harder, this Sunday we again had 0 inv. at church! so sad!!! But it’s not like we didn´t try!! We had like 10 that said they were gonna come! and we passed by for a ton of them in the morning! 4 were like oh ya we just need to get ready and will be there at 9!, then others we went by were like oh ya sorry I can´t, and then like other were like ya sorry my husband just left and so maybe will come later! ugh!!! So frustrating!!! I decided we need to work on finding more investigators, hahaha but no we are gonna look for more, and keep working hard with the ones we have too, as far as baptism dates... we don’t have any!!! haha like I said we have 6 people that we have plans with to put dates in this week!! But we are also trying hard to get them to church!! cuz really they need to come to church before they can get baptized! :/ but ya! haha working HARDDDD... I’m so tired all the time!!! I think the biggest temptation in a rule to break, is not like watch tv, or listen to music or swim, the biggest temptation I have is to just go home and take a nap!!!! hahaha I’m not gonna lie there has been times that I have prayed that me or my comp will get sick so we can have a day in the house to rest!!! haha but ya the lord is helping me keep going! 

About the mission split, well ya I’m officially in mission Coban! but idk when the name will change or when the new prez will come... but there is some word that prez Watts is gonna came around and give us one last good bye, and I’m sure we are gonna have a big meeting with the whole mission and our new president, but as far as when... no idea!!!

Elder Vestal I did not ever get to see haha, he called one time and we talked for a little, but just that one time... but I heard he was awesome! He was born (first area) in San Cristobal just like me! Anyway, oh also found out that the other 3 guys from my MTC district, including Elder Brindle are in mission Este!!! :( I’m out here all alone!
haha but that’s ok! Anyway I’m excited for all the changes and to keep working hard!!!

Love you guys!!! Hope all is well and you’re not doing anything too crazy fun without me!!! hahah

Elder Kumpf!

Well haha the first is a picture the day elder Irias left! with this investigator famly we have! we are teaching the man and his wife! the kids are just there grand kids! they are awesome! and working hard hard to get them to church! right now they are having a hard time understanding that they need to be baptized again... no matter how many times we explain the authority or things like that... ya its hard to get it across.. but we are working hard!!! and they are awesome!
the second pic is us coming back from p-day in tactic! and ya... we are in the rainy season!!! oh dang we got soooooo wet!!! haha but we get real wet every day, cus about 3 everyday, it just starts pouring!!!! buckets!!! and then just keeps sprinky the rest of the day! no more chipi chipi, just hard rain!!! haha but you know, i like it!!!
the third pic is us helping rebuild a dog house for a member... the saw didn´t want to cut like at all, so we went PURO GUATEMALA on the wood! Machete and a hammer!! hammering the machete through the board! haha actually worked pretty well and pretty fast!!! they use machetes for EVERYTHING HERE!!!!

dyed chics in the market! 1 quetzal each!(wanted one but it was sunday :(

me checking out a catolic church last p-day! they still freak me out!!

me with the meca-pal i bought, and im meca-pal-ing my comp!!! hahah
(and yes he is very dark!!! i thought he was black at first... nope just a dark latino!)



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