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Monday, May 6, 2013


Anyway!! this week has been real real nuts!!! mostly bad in reality! :/ haha
First off this Sunday the attendance was 40!!! (Lowest I have ever seen! and it was 40 at the end, during the sacrament there was only 27! :/ terrible small!) and ya we only had two investigators at church! :/ Oscar and ´´Hermanita´´ Oscar is probably the only bright light of this week! he is super pilas! But he is always working so we couldn´t have any lessons with him this week, but we have some already set for this coming week! He has is baptism date set for the 11th! Next week end!! We are super excited!!! But we still have a lot to do with him so that he will be super ready!
One of the real bad things was with Hno. Roberto, he had a baptism. date for sat the 27th - last Saturday! But we could not get with him, not a single day this week, and he still needs to learn a few more little things, so ya that date fell and we are really sad, but we are planning on putting a new date with him for either this Saturday or the next!!! He is super awesome, he is just lacking a little bit, and really it’s more our fault than anything, but ya, so we are working hard with them!
But  ya this week was just ruff!!! We like could not get lessons with anybody! All of our lessons would fall through during the day, and then at night we would have good lessons set, but the member that said he could go with us , would fall through! ya just nuts and a lot of 0´s in our data... but we are not getting discouraged, just know that we have to work even harder!!!!
As for my comp! Well he is good! haha he is real new! I’m really glad for the 2 months I had in the MTC! It really shows that he only had 2 weeks! haha But he is working hard to get better! And we always have practice lessons together during comp study, and he is getting a lot more in the role of things...  I’m teaching him that when we are in the streets and stuff we really need to focus on talking and thinking and planning about our investigators, not other  stuff from home... but ya, we will get there haha but he is strong in the church and likes to study so I know we can get him to be an excellent missionary!!!
But ya training is hard!!!! haha I always thought I had real good patience.... but ya haha he tries my patience real good sometimes haha! But I love him just the same!!With the differences in Spanish between him and elder Gutierrez, I think elder Gutierrez speaks like really good, clear, slower, Spanish, and elder Irias speaks real fast, but ya he, for me, is a lot harder to understand! But I’m getting more and more used to him! I am starting to be able to hear the difference in their Spanish too, like we have some members from El Salvador, and their Spanish is real different too, but ya. People talk about some like conflictions with the people from different countries in C.A. like Guatemaltecos don’t like Nicuraguencins, and stuff like that, but I have not seen any real discrimination,

Today for p-day we went to check out this cave thing! Nobody had been there, but some elders had heard it was cool.     It was AWESOME! It was not very long, more just like a big sink hole, but like ya idk how to describe it, but here is a bunch of pics! there were parts that were nasty muddy too! Like walking along, and it feels good and hard then, wosh! and you've sunk up to you thigh in mud!! But all fun!!!! 

Anyway love you all so so so so much!!! keep working with your friends to invite them to church!!! and to hear the missionaries!!
Elder Kumpf!!!

some of us that got the most gross in the mud in the cave!!

and ya thats me doing some karate kid on a big old stalagmight!!! sp?

       pet parrot that a member has!! sweet!!! - im a pirate!!

two more mornings of helping carry cement mix with meca pal :/ haha tired!!

                         Us with some members in their house

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