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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


HEY FAMILY!!! well well well... the last two weeks have been nuts!!!! hahah first off ill explain why i missed last monday!!!
ok so like saturday night they call and are like hey you need to go to the captital monday to sign imagration papers!!! so we are like ´´ok!?´´ so we had to leave suday at like 5 and take an hour bus to Coban! there we spent the night! there was me, elder brindle, (my comp from the mtc), one elder from my district, and one hermana from coban, (the hermana stayed in a different house,) but ya so the four of us had to take a bus to the capital- and the bus left at 2 am!!!!!! freak!!! ya so we got our 2 hours of sleep the went to the bus station! from there it was about a 5 hour bus ride to the cap!!! from there a taxi picked us up and took us to the church office building!! we watied there till about 9 am, they let us in, and made sure all the people where there, then they loaded us all (about 50 elders y hermans from all different missions in Guat.) in a bus, and took us to the imigration office! there we got in line, went up to the desk, took a picture and signed two papers, then we waited out side for about half an hour for all the other missionaries to do the same! few! then they bused us back to the church office building, gave us some breakfast, (its about 11:30) then from there the 4 of us that came from coban had to got to the mission north office, (other side of the city) so we went there and some of the elders did... something idk what, but then then we took a taxi to the bus station, and loaded on a bus about 1:30 and another 5 hour bus ride back to coban!! (this time it was way worse though, because it was soooo HOT!!!!! its summer here and ya there is this one area that the bus passes through called ´´rancho´´ HOLY POOP!! it is a desert, and really really hot!! but ya so a long hot sweaty 5 hour bus ride back to coban! got there about 6:30 then grabbed elder gutierres and we took the hour bus ride back to san cristobal!!! got home about 8:30 and crashed!!!! TIRED!!!! haha
Elder Brindle (MTC Comp.)
Ok now ABOUT TRANSFERS!!!!!! so sunday night when we where in coban they called!!!! when they call for transferes they don´t tell you exactly where your going, just if it is an ´´external change, or internal! external change means you are going to an area out side of the capital! and internal means your going to the cap!) if you are in the cap and have a change, whether internal, or external you go to a change conference wed morning, and there you find out what area exactly your going to! when you are outside the cap and have transfer internal(to the cap) you have to leave and be at change conf. wed morning, but if you are out side the cap and have a external change(outside the cap.) then you go to coban tuesday night, and get called wed morning with your new area, (this is so that the elders out side the cap dont have to travel to the cap then back way far out in the jungle. saves $$!! but ya they called sunday night when we where in Coban!!! - Elder Gutierrez! transfer external!! so he will be going to an area out side of the cap! Elder kumpf... you are staying in you area, AND YOU ARE TRAINING!!!!!!! WHATTTTTT!!!!!! hahahaha so ya
when we got back to our house monday night, E. Gutierrez started packing, and then tuesday in the moring he finished packing, and we went around visting members, and he gave them pictures and said his good byes, then we left about 5 to go up to coban, he is staying the night there and will find out his area wed in the morning! but i left on divisions with an elder ´´Muñiz´´ he is an elder in my distric and his comp was getting changed too, so our compañions stayed, we said our goodbyes! and then me and elder muñiz left to San cristobal (my area) to do work wed! we worked all day wed! (its way different working with a different person! but it was good) then thursday in the moring we left to go get our companions from Coban!
Elder Gutierrez (Trainer)

My new companions name is Elder Irías!! he is from Honduras!! he just got out of the mtc and ya!!! he is a good kid! i have only gotten to klnow him a little bit so far but from what i can tell he will be good! hes nice, friendly, likes to talk! (alot!) hes a little forgetful! haha bu he will be awesome!!!! so ya! we have just been working the past few days and all has been good!
Elder Irias (Greenie)
-being the señor comp!!! well.. its hard!!! haha but i have been praying for alot of help! and i know i have recived it!! haha i think the hardest part for me, is planning at night! i try real hard to think and pray about where we need to go and who we need to teach the next day! but its hard! but ya im am working into well haven´t really had any problems yet! but we will see how it goes! haha

another thing is that as a trainer you are almost always with your comp for 2 transfers! So that means i will be in san cristobal when the mission splits!!! so ill most likly be in ´´mission Coban´´! so that will be cool!!!

another thing when we where coban on sunday, i was with elder brindle! he got called about his transfer! he is also training! but in the capital!!! so he was pretty shocked with that, he thought he would be training in his area! but nope he got sent to the capital!!!!

elder gutierrez called thursday - he got transfered to ´´pop tum´´ Peten!!!! something like that... hahah but ya hes excited! Peten is where all the cool stuff is like Myan temples, monkeys, jaguars, aligators, Quetazales!(the bird) ya so its real pretty up there! so he will love it!!!

anyway about the mission work!!!! well we have two ´´fechas´´ (dates for baptism) one for hno. roberto for the saturday the 4th and another hno. Oscar for the 11th!!! we are really really excited!!! we have been working with Hna Alicia and her daughter, but she just wasnt ready, but this week we did something so that we could find out where here ´´duda´´ (doubt) is, we went through the baptism interview questions with her! found out she doenst really have a testimony of Joseph smith! so well we know know where we have to focus our lessons, so we have been focusing them on the book of mormon and the restoration! and she is getting a little bit more comfortable, but we are working with her hard!!

ya idk what else has happend these past two weeks have been a blur!!! but dont worrie, i keep a journal everyday, so my whole mission wont just turn into a blur! ill have all my memories written down!!!

i got your first package the other day!!! it was real real beat up hahaha (ill send a picture) thanks for all the candy and everything!!! really appreciate it!!! one thing you could do diffent in the more packages you send it maybe some hand written letters from the family! and so photos! cus i cant print off the photos you sent by email, so with the next package if you would throw in a couple of picturs of you guys, or just whatever, it would be awesome!!!
It started out as a Box :)
ya i haven't heard much about new areas opening up, but with the mission split i know there will be alot of changes in area bondries, new areas, different zones, and so ya ill let you guys know as i find out about the changes! but for now not much new!

my stomach is doing a little better! still upset alot, but whatever! no big deal!!
with your sugestion about a joint fast, im good! its acually a rule in the White bible, that we are not suposed to ask our families to do joint fasts with us, but don´t worry we are fasting ourselves, and things are changing, litttle by little! but things are changing!!! i just wanna make a difference here! thats my goal!! i feel like this area is so cloce to success, but it is just out of our reach!!! but we are working hard hard hard to get the success we want, and the success we know the Lord wants!!!
i have no idea how its gonna work for mothers day! but ill let you know when i find out!! but i think ill end up calling you guys!
Love you all so so so so much!!! it was way hard to not write you guys or hear from you for two weeks! but here i am again! and its all good!

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