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Monday, April 8, 2013


hello there!! haha well this week was a pretty good one!! it was ´´semana santa´´ so like everyone was on vacations! and also a cool/weird thing they do here is they take saw dust and they creat these ´´alfambros´´ they dye the say dust differant colors then like sprinkle it in disigns, or use cut outs to make designs! but they are cool! ya they make them durring the day, andthen that night the priests and prossesion with the big saints statue float thing pass over the areas with the alfombros. very catholic thing, but they have been doing it here as long as anyone can remember! but ya ill put a couple of pictures of the saw dust things!! but ya im not sure if it is just something they do here or if it is like a central america thing, idk! but it sure is differant! anyway!! the work with our investigators is going good!! we are working hard to keep them progressing!! didn´t have any baptisms, but we have a date with Hna Alicia and her daughter! for this week end!!! we are praying real real hard for her! she want to be baptised she just doens´t feel like she has recived her answer that this is the one true church!!! but we have a FHE with them tonight and we are gonna see how she is doing and if she has got it yet!!! other than that,
we had 51 for attendance this sunday and 8 were our investigators!! one is this guy named oscar!! he is super awesome! a real gift from god!! he showed up last sunday and i had never seen him befor but i went and talked to him and he was like ´´ya i live here and am investigator!´´ we were like ´´WHATTT´´!!! so ya but he works late during the week so we couldn{t have a lesson with him, but he came again this sunday!!!!! so ya we are gonna try hard hard to meet with him this week! aperantly he has a GF in the capital that is a member or something! but ya we are real real excited for him!!! he is GOLDEN!!!
we also had a family! the kids have come with us a bunch of times with us to church but the mom works 24 days away and only has like a 4 day break, then back to work!! so they are usually with their grandma! they assited with their grandma the first time, then solo the next couple times, then with their mom this sunday! the big problem we have with them is they dont speek or understand very much castillaño (spanish) they speek Poqomchi´ and so they have a hard time understanding, and the teaching them is going slow!! but we are working hard and teaching them at their needs!
Hna Milna didnt come and we were really sad!!! we have been working with her for like two months and she has still not come to church! it is like the only thing that is keeping her from being baptised!!! :/ ah! but she is so awesome! one day this week we went by at random to visit with her and she was sitting in her doorway reading the BOM! man i was like WOOOOOOO!!! ya she is super awesome! she just needs to come to church!!!
anyway besides that, we had a 2 zone conferance friday! it was the zones coban, and verapaz! it was a real real good meeting! it lasted a long time! from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon! but it was soooo good! president and his wife spoke and we did some practices! and ya just learned alot about little things that i can do alot better!! but it was in coban and coban has a mcdonalds! so we went there in the morning!! other then that not to much new, just working real hard her!! and excited for changes in 2 weeks idk if i will get changed, but i have a feeling i might!! we find out like saturday the 13th and then if i do ill be shipping out tuesday mornig usualy! will see what happens!

dad had a question about other churches! well sancritobal has two big catolic churches! one up the mountain, and one in the center park! and other then that there is litterly a church on every corner!!! from eveangelico theo 7th day adventist to jehovas witnesses to penticostal!! there are so so many churches! and so its a big problem cuz everybody already goes to a church! and like everyone here belives that ´´if its talking about god, then its good!´´ witch is good and bad, good cuz they will here our message, but bad cuz they just can´t seem to grasp the idea that there is only one true church!! but its ok we are working hard, and trying to find the people that the lord has prepared for us!

the weather here is random!! haha its never just one weather! its either hot hot or ´´chipi chipi´´ cold! and it usualy goes in about 3 day cycles! 3 days hot -sweating! and three days cold! -sweater and rain jacket! but ya its interesting! haha

thanks for the calender it is so so perfct!! and thanks for forwrding the letter from kenny! ill send him a little note!

 oh and last week i sent a picture of these two kids i saw in the street! but the little one was dressed in all cammo! and it looked just like noah did when he has a little kid! thought it was so simalar!!!

love you all!!! hope your doing well!!! ill talk to you agian next week!!!


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