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Monday, April 8, 2013


haha hello how are you!!! well this week was another good one here in guatemala!!!! man oh man conferance was soo good!!!!! we had to go to Coban to watch it in the stake center! they had the main chapel and a few other rooms for the spanish translation! but they also gave us a little classroom where we could watch it in english!! so all the ´´norte´´ missionarys where in there! it was a tiny little tv and we stacked it on two tables so everyone could see, and the picture was real fussy! but it was General Conferance just the same!! i loved it!!!!! so we left early saturday and stayed there for all three sessions! most of the missionarys were staying the night at the ZLs house in coban! but we wanted to go back home so that we could bring some investigators to the sunday mornign session!! so we left the stake center about 8:15 and had to walk like 45 min to get to the road that leaves cuz after 8 there is no buses to San cristobal, so we get there are are are trying to ´´jalon´´ but nobody stops!! so finally about 9:15 a micro bus comes that is headed for San crist. so we pile in! and man there was seriously like 30 peopl in this tiny freaking little bus!!!! but we made it home!!! then sunday morning we ran around to pick up the investigators we had invited! but like none could come!!!! Hno. Oscar, (he is the one who just showed up to church one time! we still havent even had a lesson with him but he has come to church 2 times and said he would come with us to conf too) but when we called him he said he had to do something but would meet us there! :/ we where a little unsure cuz coban is like really far, like hour bus ride, and he had never been to the church there, but we explained where it was, and he said he would be there!! (we where praying hard he was telling the truth!!) anyway so none of our other investigators could come! but ´´hermanita´´ said she wanted to come! (she is the lady we live with!) so she and her two kids went. we went in the back of her pickup! she droped us of in front of the church and said she just had to run to the mall real quick and then would be back! so my comp went into the spanish and i watched in english!!! AGIAN, CONFERANCE WAS SOOOO GOOD!! ah! but ya, then after i met up with my comp, and he said he didnt see any of out Inv.! so we decided to wait at the door as everybody was leaving to look to see if any came! sure enough Hno judy (member) and his wife(Alicia) and daughter(investigators) came out!! WOO!! so we talked with them and they loved it! the Hno Oscar came out!!! woooo!!! talked with him and he also loved it alot!!! ya but hermanita didt come back!!! haha but ya it was a good session! then after the afternoon session we came back home and worked a little bit!
the work is coming along! we are working real real hard, but not seeing very many results yet :/ but i know they will come! Hna Alicia still does not feel like she has recived an answer that this is the right church, she has the desire to get baptised, she is just waiting to recive her answer!!! but we are praying hard for her! and also we explained to her to pay close attention to the other ways the spirit can give her an answer! not just a dream, but it can be through feelings, thought, peace of mind! so we explained that to her and she said she would keep praying and waiting! also this thursday me and my comp printed a picture of the two of them on their wedding day and gave it to the as a gift, along with a big picture of the Guatemala temple! with a picture of there family in the corner! reminding them what their big goal is!!! they were really happy with the gifts! and ya
we are working hard hard hard! and the results will come!!!
but ya other than that not too much going on,
my stomach has been bothering me alot! but im trying to figure it out and eat better or something idk! haha its not bad, just just a little nerver racking when you got an emergency and got no where ´´´to go!´´ haha :)
i haven´t gotten the package you sent yet, but ill let you know when i get it!!
i don´t need anything really! haha but ya! keep being awesome!!

man idk if you guys saw it but for me this conferance had a huge focus on ´´MISSIONARY WORK!!!´´ and so ya you guys need to work harder!! BE MEMBER MISSIONARIES!! invite your friends to activities! and invite them to hear the missionaries with your!!! this gospel is the greatest thing we have!! and we need to share it with everyone!!!! have no fear!!! share the gospel!!!

Elder Kumpf!



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