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Monday, April 8, 2013


well well another week flying by here in guatemala!!! this week was ok, although i felt like we didn´t get alot done :/ i feel like idk we are missing something, or like we are failing a little bit! :( we had 74 in attendace this sunday, pretty good, but we only had 6 investigators, 4 of them were kids, (the brothers and 1 sister of Mario) but mario himself didn´t come... sad... :( and we had Hno. roberto! which was real real good he is an old, kinda eternal investigator! he is a super awesome guy but just doesn´t want to take the step further to be baptized! :/ but we are working hard with him and it is showing, in that he came to church! and the other onvestigator at church was a guy named Oscar! he was there during sacrament, and i thought he was a member, but after i went to talk to him cuz i didn´t recognize him, and he said he was an investigator! i guess he has a girlfriend in the capital thats a member or something like that, but ya he came all on his own, i have never seen him befor! but now we are gonna work real hard with him!!!
as far as our plans with alicia, we had a lesson with her like tuesday, and we couldnt get her alone to talk to her about a ´´birthday presnt´´ for her husband Judy, but we had a lesson with the two of them together, and talked about eternal fameilies, and ya it was good! and she keeps saying ´´i want to get baptiozed, im just not ready´´ but i know she is ready! so we set a plan with her we told her that we had prayed, and we know she could be ready for her baptism the 30th of march, and she was like ´´wooo no way´´ and we told her to pray and ask if she was ready for her baptism this date, she said she would, so, will see!!! we are praying hard!!! but i feel like she isn{t gonna pray and ask cuz she ´´already thinks she knows´´ she is not ready... so we will see, but that was tuesday, and we tryed to have another visit with them, but couldnt untill friday, their wedding! (ill send a picture of them) they got married and it was good and they had a party and stuff and we went for a little bit! but could talk to her about if she had prayed and how she felt... then saturday they had their honeymoon, and we called saturday night to see if we could visit them but they said they were busy, but they said they would be at church the next day for sure!! THEY DIDNT SHOW UP:( :( sad! then we called and they said we could visit them at 6 sunday night, we went waited, nada!!! so ya that was a big bummer!
other buig bummer was with Hna Milna! she is an investigator that we have been teaching for a while! she is super awesome in reading the bom but has never comee to church, she always says she can on like tuesday, but then by friday she has someother thing she has to do, usualy in another town! :/ but this wee on tuesday she said she coulnt come, then when we visited her on thursday she said she had changed her plans so that she could go!!!! we hwere so so excited!!! but then on saturady, we went by and she said she could go. :( but i think there is a more serious problem, i think her husband is super against us! he is ot usualy there, and so we always have lessons outside, so its not awkward or anything, but ya he was at home on saturday, and so i think she was afraid of him and thats why she changed her mind about going!!! so ya pray hard for her to have courage, and for her husband to not be a jerk , or bully or whatever he is. but just pray for her, cuz i know she wans to fallow this gospel, and i feel like he might be the only thing stopping her...

but ya thats that kinda bummer week we had here, but we are not leetting it get us down, just letting it make us work harder!!!!!

we also did a ton of service this week!!! one moring we helped Hna Milna haul a bunch on huge rocks up the mountain to her house! we loaded a wheel barrow and tied a rope to the front of it, so one of us pushed and one pulled! we worked for about 2 hours, and barly made a dent in the huge pile that she had bought and still needed to be hauled to her house.

then two other morings we went up two the house of Hna Angelina (less active) and we were helping her re-do her roof! this exmiossionary came, he was the one who baptized her, he served her in 94, and ya he bought all the stuff for her to red do her roof, ned wood beams and nedd tin roofing, so we heped them replace the bords and stuff, and is was fun hard work! the gringo x mish was only her for like 3 days but he was a nice guys,

the member and investigators are a mix, alot are in the city and alot are on the outskirts, in the jungle! but ya its awesomely gorgeous here!!!!!!!
but there are not any ruins here, kinda a bummer but ill get my chance to see them in other areas!
we have zone conf about once a month, but the president does not come. but this friday we have a multi zone conf. in coban and he will be there, so im excited for that!!!

anyway out of time! man i need to learn to type faster! but ya!!! love you all so so so so much!!!
be safe ans share the gospel with people!!! members are real missionarys!!!
Elder kumpf!

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