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Monday, March 25, 2013

3/4/13; 3/11/13 & 3/18/13


hey hey! so its a short letter this week! but ya,! haha we are working hard with our investigators!! not to much new! we had 8 investigators at church this week! one new famly (gma, and 3 kids) and two other famlies!! it feels good to be working with famlies finally! but ya no dates for baptisem thi week but this coing week we are planing on putting a bunch!!!

anyway your questions,

my companion is great!! we are getting along so so good! i have really started to love him! we are lie real good friends!
the language is ok! im stilll progessing everyday. little by lttle! i can hear most of the words people say, but that doesnt mean i know what they mean! haha and m still working on my conjugations, but it stilll does not stop me from talking!! haha

i used the money just for some suvieners, so ya, but thanks for keeping an eye on it!!
the kitchen stuff we have it a fridge, hot plate, and microwave!! but im surviving good enough!! haha

thanks for the package you sent, ill let you know when i get it, and thanks for the ties that you will send!! that will be awesome to give away!!!  a couple other things i thought of that i might like is, a frizbee! a good quality one, my companion wants a mini english hymn book! they dont haave them here so if you could send one that would be sweet! and there is this type of pen i bought at the mtc that i really like and its almost dead (the pens here are junk!), if you could maybe buy 4 and send them id really appreeciate it!! ill send a pcture of what they look like but i think you van buy then at walmart. and that all the things i could think of this week!
ill answer your other questions next week!

(sorry the spelling is extra bad this week this keyboard only has like half the letters printed on it...)
thanks for everything!!! 
love you all so so much!! 


hey hey hey Elder kumpf signing in!!!
haha well this week was pretty good!! it was a week of changes, (the last change was 7 weeks, idk why t was 1 week longer then normal, but it was...) but me and my companion did not have changes. but i finish my training at the end of this next change!!! so in about 5 weeks something will probably happen with one of the two of us!!! but im not too worried about it!! this week was ok, but i still wish i could see more progression in our investigators! at church we had 62 in attendance, 6 were our investigators! but they were mostly patojos with the exception of ´´Mario´´(22) we found him and his family on wednesday, we knocked the door and they let us in and we gave them a lesson about the restoration, it was his mom ´´angelina´´ his sister ´´flory´´(18) and him, then we invited them to the ´´noche de videos´´ we have every wednsday night! they said they would come! so we went and picked them up and his mom couldn´t come but one of his brothers did, cant remember his name... but ya so we went to have NDV with them, but we got to the church and waited for some members to show up, like the usual 10 or so that come... we waited and waited and no members came at all... infact no other people came, so we just played some fut with them in the field of the church and then took them home... but ya mario and his brother and two of his OTHER siblings (twins - boy/girl (10)) came to church on sunday so that was awesome!!! but his mom and sister flory couldn´t make it... bummer!!
and ya we  were bummed cuz like some of the investigators that we have that are really golden couldnt make it... :/  one of them is´´milna´´ she is awesome! we had a lesson with her on last sunday and she was on page 5 of the bom. then tuesday when we went back she was on page 27!!! she had some questions and we were able to answeer them, (mostly about like ´´what is going on here!!´´) but we kinda helped her sumerize whats going on and put the story in more simple terms for her. and we also told her she could underline stuff she likes and write in the colums to help her understand. and when we went back friday she was on page 67!!! she is so awesome!!! and she had a ton of  stuff underlined and was able to fallow most of what she read!!! so we talked with her more and read about baptism and then asked if she would fallow christs example and be baptized, she said yes, then we put a date for the 6th of april!!! she was a little hesitant but she accepted it!!! we are super excited cuz this date means that finally we are progressing with our investigators, not just kinda runnng in circles!!! haha but ya we are really excited for her!!!
but this wee our goal is two put dates for baptisem with our other investigators, and to visit them more often!!! we have a ton of investigators, and my fear is that like we have too many and aren´t helping them progress enough!! but that will change this week they will all be progressing a ton!!!!
and ya that is basically how the work is going here!!

like i said we had changes at the beginning of last week so Thursday we spent most of our day in Santa Cruz(the town/area closest to our town/area), because they pulled both the old elders out and put in two new ones, so we had to show them to their house and where a few members lived. but we dont know very much their cuz its not our area and we have only been there a few times to meet up with the other elders. so ya that took up most of one of our days.  bummer:/ but other then that no real big changes with the changes haha

we did service this week with one of our investigators roberto!!! we were hauling like cement mix up this mountain!! it was only like 200 yds but it was like straight up!! we where using what they call here ´´mecapal´´ it is basically this pad you put on your head and then it has i rope loop that you put around a sack full of whatever! in this case cement!! and yeah it had to of been like 150lbs but with the mecapal you dont feel the weight too muych, just in your legs! but it does take some getting used to!! but it was real real fun and exuasting!!!

i have born my testimony both fast sundays we had here, but other then that i have not had to speek! but i think ill talk with our president and tell him if he needs someone, im the man !!!!

i have had a little contact with my friends, rylan and i are sending short little notes back and forth! and i have heard from a couple people, but like spencer and bryce and a bunch of chambones! (thats what they call lazy peole here!!) haha but yun and jess, and catherne haycock and david barrera have sent me a couple notes!! wich is sweet! but note getting anything from friends doesnt really bother me too much!!

how sweet is that the kenny gave ryan a job!!! Kenny is such a stinking nice guy!!! but tell ryan to bve patient and ya, cuz kenny takes so getting used too!! haha but i lovce and miss him alot!!

how freaking sweet is it that noah had state!!!! freak that is so stinking cool!! he better be getting stinking good at climbing with a wall in his stinking room!!!!!

i have been real healthy! the food has not bothered me too, much!!! not to say it has not messed me up, cuz there has been day when i needed to find a bathroom in a hurry!!! haha but for the most part i have been fine!!!

a few things that i could use in your next email or so is like a callender or lst of dates!!! haha like mothersday fathers day birthdays ya beacuse i dont remeber any of those very well!!! and also you might like look up the comversion of things from standerd to metric like miles, lbs ft cuz i dont know how it converts very well!! haha
 anyway love you all so so so so so much!!!!!
keep it real and share the gospel with your friends!! members are the key to the work!!!



hey hey hey!!!
well well we are sure working hard her in Guatemala !!! we have a ton of investigators!!! so are progressing and some not so much!!! haha but that is my goal is to get ALL OF THEM!!! its hard tho! i feel like they are all perfect, but we just dont have enough time!! like if we worked hard with each of them individually they would progress real real fast!!! but have so many it is real real hard to ´´balence them all´´! :/ but we are working hard at it!!!
so exciting news!!! Alicia! (the inv. not wife but living together) of Judy (member) are gonna get married friday!!!!! woooo that was like the only real hurdle we had with her baptism!!!! but she is still a little timid about the baptism and has not made a desicion. but she is gonna throw a little birthday party for judy on thursday, and she like asked of if we could come and give a spiritual though, and hang with them at their little party for him. and she also asked us to think of ideas of something special for his birthday!!! so the other day E. gutierrez got ´´THE IDEA´´ !!! its perfect!!! she could get baptized!!!!!!!!!!! so ya that is our plan to help her understand that an eternal family is the greatest gift she could ever give her to be husband!!!! so ya we are working hard to make it happen!!! but basically it would be birthday party thursday, wedding friday! and baptism saturday!!!!!! how perfect of a week end!!!! ya we are super exctied and praying hard hard that it will work!!! but other then tht we dont have any fechas (dates) for baptism... :/ but we are gonna put a ton this week for sure!!! 
this suday was stake conferance! our branch is part of the Coban stake. even though its not our misssion (i know its wierd) but ya so sunday we had a bus at the chapel to haul us all to coban!!! we took 10 investigators!! Mario (22 same as last week) and his 4 younger siblings! then alex and erick!! (they are awesome!) andsome other patojos! kinda a bummer that we didnt have any adult investigators come... but were working on it!! and ya so we went to coban they had to have two sessions of stake conf. the chapel was loaded both sessions, we ended up sitting on the edge of the stage!! but ya it was a pretty good meeting, (altho i didnt get to pay very good attention cuz i was trying to keep all our kids reverant the whole time!!!) STINKING KIDS!!! haha but it was good! 
other than that the work is good!!!! hard but good! one thing that i have been strugling with here is helping understand the importance of ONE TRUE CHURCH! like so so many people and some of our investigators are like ´´oh its of good its true´´ and like they just dont get that there is only one true church, one true authority of god, and we are the only ones who have it!!!!! no matter how many times we teach about the autority or the restoration of the one tru church, they just dont get it, and its a problem cuz they dont see why its important that they go to ´´our´´ church or have ´´our baptism´´ and ya idk ANY IDEAS!?
but ya other than that is is going well im getting comfortable with the language and with teaching, i dont have to much fear talking to anybody about anything, i can understand pretty much everything, and ya i just real need to better my language study a little, beacuse i can get my point accross to everybody, but i just wanna make it to where it is more smooth and like there is no hicups, so the spirit can flow smooth too!!!
well this week i hit 2 months in GUATEMALA!!!!! im loving it!!! haha i dont have much home sickness at all anymore (not to say i dont love you all haha) bu im real glad cuz homesickness is real real hard!!! im used to the people and the way of life!! haha ya its sweet i really really love it here!! 
it is so so different but it feels like home hahah.
this week we have been trying to save some money so we started hitchhiking when we have district mtg and p-day, cuz district mtg is in tactic, witch is 2 30 min bus rides, and cost 7 quetzales each way!!! so by hitch-hiking we save about 30 quetzales a week! and i can buy a bunch of tasty pastries with 30 quetzales!!! haha the word for hitch-hiking here is ´´jalon´´ (ha-loan) but you do it the same way -  thumbs up!!!! we usually have pretty darn good luck.

last week for p-day we checked out these caves! they are like on the side of the road near Santa Cruz. they were cool but weird. they are some old myan teple or something. and i gues a bunch of people still belive in the stuff cus there is like candles buring in them and stuff! we went pretty far into them but not ´´stupid far´´ haha they were pretty cool but nasty with sut from all the fires...
and this week for p-day we just played soccor :/ im ok, haha but idk i dont really like playing that much! im excited to get my frizbee and play ulitmnate with the elders!!!

other than that, my shoes are good!! they probably looked worn cuz they are always dirty!! haha i dont bother to polish them (except special days) cuz they just get dirty again in the dirt roads here. but really i love them! they are comfortable durable and water proof!! havnt had any blisters or anything, and i have also used my boots a bunch too! when ever there is alot of and and alot of mud! or when we do service!!! they are awesome too!!!

ya hermanita does our laundry! its all wash by hand and air dry here!! haha but she does a good job! and she irons everything after! its nice!!

for mothers day! idk if we will get to skype, and idk if i want to, its a little laggy in the states and im sure it is worse here! i think a phone call will be better! and on that same note! could you please email me a, idk list of birthdays and dates (mothers day fathers day...,etc) cuz they are different here, and i can remember for beans when these holidays are in the states!!!

yup im doing good!!! working hard hard hard for the lord!!! and loving it!!!
love you all so so much!!!!

Elder Kumpf!!!

also idk if i told you but last Monday we had a baptism for the ward!! he was a stud and gave his testimony and an article of faith!! my comp baptized him cuz there was nobody else to do it!! here are some pics!!!
they are an awesome family!! i don't think she has a husband...

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