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Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey hey!!! Another week flying by here dang!!!! This week was pretty good!! We are working with our investigators hard!!! We had a pretty cool experience this week we were knocking doors trying to find people to teach, we knocked this one and introduced our selves, then we asked the lady if she lived here with her husband, and she was like "Yes he is right here, come in!" so we came in and introduced ourselves to him, the he like left to another room, and I was like "ok he doesn’t want to hear our message..." then he came back with two chairs!!! Ha ha and we gave them a lesson about the restoration!!!  It was sweet!!!! Just shows the lord really does have people prepared to accept the gospel!!!
Other then that we are just teaching and finding!!! I do think we need to work a little harder though, cuz like we have investigators... but they just are not progressing... so that is my goal for this week, to have/see some good progress in them this week!!!!

Monday night we went over to a member’s house to have dinner and have FHE, she made "papusas"!!!!! Dang son they were so tasty!!!!! I "tried" to help make a few ha ha it was fun!!!! They are like fat tortillas with meat and beans and cheese inside!!! Man they were so good I had 7!! Ha ha

Also this week we did a ton of service... I think 3 days we did service for about 2 hours each day.  We were basically moving dirt, and like carving a flat spot out of a hill.  So I was on the pick axe all three days. After the first day my hands were destroyed!! Haha I think I counted 9 blisters on my left hand and 4 on my right!! Haha but they healed real fast and today, they are fine!!

The church is ok, we have a few members, who are the heads of the primary, youth, relief society and stuff, and they are super Pilas, but over all, it at times lacks a little, everyone could and needs to put a little more effort in!!!  We don’t really have to much help in the mission work as far as the branch goes... but we are trying to change that and get more of their help!! cuz it will really make a huge difference if we can get then to work hard with us!! And idk if you know but President Watts put a rule over the mission that we are not allowed to be out of the house after 5:30 without a member!! This is to help the branch members be a bigger part of the work! So converts have a friend in the church when we leave!

About scary things.... not much it’s pretty safe here, but you do hear gun shots every so often! But I hear in the capital it’s like loco how much you hear gun shots and stuff like I hear in the capital, you will see guys go out in the street and shoot the dogs in the street for fun!! :/ Haha but here not any of that, but... Thursday night about 8:00 I guess some guy got killed in his car right in front of our church building!!! :/ There are bullet marks in the wall of a house, in front of the church!! Ya that is a little sketchy!! Haha but it’s not common so no worries...

The food is good!! It hasn’t been bothering me too much! And I like most of it!!! We pay Hermanita (they lady who we live with) 10Q a day for lunch!! It’s real real good! And for breakfast I usually have oatmeal or cereal! And we don’t really have diner, we will just eat some food when we get back to the house at about 8...

Yeah we found out about the mission split last Thursday I think!!! How nuts!!!!  From what I hear the part of our mission that is in the city will become Guatemala City East, and the part that is out of the city up to and including Peten will become the Coban mission!  But I’m not for certain!!! I don’t really care either way!!! The change becomes effective end of June! So like whatever part of the country we are in at that time becomes our new mission!!! I’m excited!!!

Things i might like I my package, sour patch kids!!! Skittles!!! Haha um idk what else maybe some chunky peanut butter!!! And apple cider!!
 I’ll think of other things this week and put them in my letter next week, and you can send them with the ties... 
But thanks for sending a package it will mean so so much!!!!

Anyway I’m doing good!! I miss you all a ton!!! And love you so so so much!!!!!

Elder Kumpf!

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