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Tuesday, February 5, 2013



                                                                      First baptism!

Getting Ready

Machete....Mission issue .

Patojos (Kids)


Hey hey hey, well I’m still alive here!!! ha-ha this week was a lot better, we worked hard and Saturday we had our first baptism!! her name is Brenda, it was awesome except, well here is the story, so we told everyone that the baptism was at 3:00 and so we went early like 10:00 and cleaned the font, then filled it, then we went home had lunch and then did a little bit of trackting, till about 2:30 at 2:30 we went to the church and cleaned a little bit more and made sure everything was perfect for the baptism! At about 3:15 people started showing up! (typical Guatemala time!) And so ya, then we waited and by about 3:30 there was a good little crowd there. But we were lacking a member of the branch presidency, so we couldn't start till someone in the presidency came, and my comp had done his part of calling the ward mission leader on wed.  He said he would have someone in the presidency there for us, but apparently he didn’t do his part, so we tried calling him a couple times, then the members of the presidency, and finally we got a hold of the president, and he was like ya I’ll jump on my motorcycle and be there in an hour!(he lives in a different city) So ya then we waited! for like a whole hour! and at about 5:00pm we finally started!!! But it all went awesome! Her cousin who she lives with baptized her, (‘ill put a picture of me and them) then ya on Sunday she was confirmed. We had 14 investigators at church on Sunday!!!! mostly younger kids (but we have had at least one lesson with everyone of them. and two of them are a wife and daughter of this less active member! we are super pumped for her and her daughter, they are real intested! and they are a big focus of ours, and we have another baptism this saturday! his name is Elder haha funny right! but he is 9 and the kid of this less active lady, but she is not less active anymore she and Elder have come the past 3 Sundays in a row! 

ya and we have 4 little "Patojos" all about 12yrs old, who are set to be baptized on the 16th! they are awesome! Sunday they wanted ties, so we found some for them, they all had white shirts and there little BOM's and then after church they wanted to go visit people with us! so we took them with us, and taught a lesson to "elder" and his mom, and we taught another lesson with them, they each would like find a scripture and share about it, and bear testimony, and ya they are awesome!!!

also a bunch of people this week have asked for blessings of health, so me and my comp have seriously given like 3 or 4! its way hard in Spanish! ha-ha and I need more practice! but it is awesome!
ya we have been working real hard, and this week hasn't been near as hard, (but it is still real hard!!) but thanks for the emails! I loved them! i don’t think I can print them off, but it’s ok if you send a couple, it will just be a little less time that I get to write!! But you can send picture by email, they don’t take like anytime to download! This week Thursday we have Zone meeting, so hopefully I’ll get the stuff you have sent!!!
so ya this week to I have been getting all sorts of bug bites at night!!!! :( I don’t think its bed bugs, my comp thinks it’s some sort of mosquito thing but idk what he is saying really haha... but ya the past 5 days or so I have woken up with 6 or so new bites on my arms and legs... and they are real itchy!!! but I washed all my sheets and everything yesterday and used some pesticide, and I don’t think i had any new ones this morning, haha but we will see! I’m praying it will stop cuz its annoying!!

My comp Elder Gutierrez is from Nicaragua! He has only been out about 5 months, he is pretty chill, but we have had a few little disagreements, like when I plan, I like to go over everything and talk about every point, even if we talked about it 5 times during the day, I feel like we should reaffirm everything during planning. And he is more of a wel,l you should know that, (not rude, ) but just like ya idk, and I tried to explain what I would like it to be more like, but then there is the language barrier, and he didn't really understand me, but we will get it worked out, I just pray that he will have a little more patience with me!!! I bought a jump rope today, (he has one and loves to do that for exercise in the morning, and I wanted one cuz I like it too.) So now we can do that together in the morning.

P-day is not my favorite, cuz we have it together as a district!  So we have to take about a half hour bus ride, and then we usually play soccer for an hour, and then write you guys, but it’s a rule that we have to have p-day as a district every time... I feel like I could use my time a lot better if we didn’t have to, but oh well.
Anyways, this week has been a lot better, but I’m praying that it will get better, cuz it is still super hard, Anyway, love you all so so much! Be safe!
Elder Kumpf!

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