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Monday, January 28, 2013


                                                              Just a Little bit of Mud.

                                                                        In the Jungle!

                                           Hmmm Which one is Josh?  I think he needs a tan.

                                                                      A little friend.

                                                                   The sketchy Bus!

                                                                   Beautiful country!

                                                          Not quite the same as home.

Hello, hello from a dinky little computer tienda in Guatemala!!! Ha-ha this week has been really good! but I’m not gonna lie it’s really hard...like after last p-day I’ve been getting pretty home sick, which is weird cuz I like never get home sick, and ya idk, it’s only for the first couple hours in the mornings, but it’s like every morning, I just really really miss you all a lot!! I hope you all know how much I love you all!!! Ya it is real real hard in the mornings, but as soon as I get out and work, that all goes out the window!!! The work is great here!!! We are working hard and it is showing!!! We have one baptism this Saturday! A girl named Brenda she is 15, she and her sister live with their aunt and her family "who are members" Her sister is a member too.  Her parents are working in the US and that why she lives with her aunt! But she is super excited to get baptized! And we are really excited for her! Then next Saturday the 9th we have a baptism of this little boy Alexander, his mom is a recent convert of about 5 months, so we have gotten her reactive, and are preparing Alex for his baptism!! Then the next week the 16th we have 3 little "Patojo´s" (that’s what they call kids here) with dates to get baptized! Named Christian, Alex (different Alex), and Erick. Alex and Erick are brothers, and are neighbors to Christian! Christian is awesome!!!! He is like a machine and just sucks up knowledge and has the biggest heart, and an even bigger desire to follow Christ!! I’ll send a picture of me and him!! Alex and Erick also have another brother, and their mom that are our investigators, but they aren´t progressing quite as well, but we are working on that!!!  We have a bunch of others we are working with!!  This week our branch had nearly 100 people there!!! It was awesome! And 7 of them were our investigators. The only thing I wish is that we could find a family.... like a whole family to teach! cuz family´s are so so important to the Lord, and when a whole family joins it’s so much stronger, but we  are working on it!!
Like I said it’s real hard in the mornings, like I did not think it would be this hard to be away from my family, and all the creature comforts that we don’t even think about in the states.  Like hot water, everything being clean, abundant food, dish washer, car. here it is a lot different to just live life, like the shower for example, it has knobs like ours but they don’t do anything, it has a steel pipe that sticks out of the wall, and an electric heater type shower head thing with dangle sketchy ductaped wires attached to it, :/ haha.   Or the busses, we don’t take them often but when you do, there’s like 50 people jammed in this tiny little bus, rocking and rolling and bouncing down the street!  like its fun, and I love the ghetto, get things done mood it has, and it’s fun the first few time, but consistently have to shower in the crappy shower and ride in the crammed bouncy bus, and kill cockroaches in the kitchen, and use a water bottle to brush your teeth, it wears on you after a while... and you get real real greatful for all the blessing you had in the U.S.!!  But, no worries I’m a big boy and am toughing it out!!!
The language is ok, it’s hard and embarrassing when people are trying to explain something to you, AND YOU HONESTLY JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!  But you get used to it, and I have been trying to talk more, and more, but I honestly feel like my Spanish has gotten worse since I got here, but I’m working on it, and praying for the gift of tongues every day! and I know it will come, but for know it’s real hard... and my comp helps a little, but I keep asking him to try to correct me every time I say something wrong, or don’t conjugate something right, but honestly he doesn’t help me very much, and honestly I feel like he just blocks out what I’m saying sometimes. like I’ll give some advice in planning, and he just keep going with what he wants, and I’ll have to say it like 3 times for him to pay attention to what I’m saying, and a lot of times he will say, sorry I don’t correct you sometimes, its because your saying it right, but I know he could help me out more, cuz when I’m with other people, they will help me understand what I’m saying wrong, and correct me...}
but you know I know he is doing a lot for me and I am honestly real grateful for everything that he does for me! And I know that if I want to progress it’s up to me, not other people! So yup, I’ll just keep working!
At times, I really really look forward to the end of my mission, and coming home and seeing you guys... but I know that I should be focused on the people here and how I can help, them, and I know I’ll get over the home sickness soon, but ya, I’ll just keep working away!!!!

So I just found out today, that we like only receive pouch 1 time a month!! :/ I think that is making it hard to, (not hearing from you guys every day,) so ya I will be looking forward to that day!!! But ya the mailing address I gave you, is the one that they told me to give you the first day I was here, so it should be good! And I got the pictures mom sent! They are awesome!!!! The wall looks sweet!!! So ya feel free to send me pictures of things you do, and a picture of the family every once in a while!!!

Well I miss you a lot!! Like a lot a lot!! I hope you all know how much I love you!! And I hope your safe and all doing well!!! And thanks for everything that you do and have done for me, I really really appreciate it!
Love you all so much!!
Elder Kumpf

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