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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hey hey how are you guys!!! I’m doing great the MTC is just flying bye... like seriously it seems like just yesterday was p-day! I’m getting more and more excited for the field everyday! But it also makes me more and more nervous and anxious to learn every single thing I can! But like they had us in the 6 week learning program, so we have finished all of our learning up, and now we are just reviewing for the last 3 weeks! Ya we are teaching a lot, and doing a lot of studying! But ya! I love it! My companion got kind of sick feeling last night! And he threw up a bunch of times last night! :/ bummer but its good it was p-day today so we just stayed in the room and he/ me got another few hours of sleep! Which I am so so grateful for!! But yeah he is feeling a little better now, and we are down in the laundry room writing, but yup, hmmm what to write about.... it’s been snowing here for the past week off and on we probably got about a foot total! So it’s fun! We usually have a little snow ball fight on our way to gym and stuff! Ha-ha and my companion is from Kentucky, so he is like oh crap its sooooooooooo cold!!!! so the other day we were looking in the free boxes (free boxes are these sweet bins on every floor were people that are leaving put things that they are no longer gonna need, or don't have room to take with them, so its everything from candy to shoes to gym shorts, they are awesome!!) and so we found this huge winter coat in one! So he wears it everywhere!! I’ll send you a picture!
But ya Christmas was awesome!!!! I kept the tradition of building a fort on Christmas Eve going!! We made a sweet one!! and invited some other kids that were in our zone over, (next day we found out sleep over’s are a no no :/ oops! but it’s all good :) but ya I’m just working real hard trying to be the best I can be so when I get out to the field I’m as ready to go as I can be!!!

Oh and ya I’d like it if you tell me more about what’s going on! I don’t get trunky or home sick or anything so no worries, but ya I love hearing about what’s going on with you guys!!
I’m so pumped to get the pics of the bouldering wall! Are you guys gonna put some texture on it as well?
That’s awesome Raleane got her call! She is gonna be a boss missionary!!

And ya there isn’t really anything I need! Like I’m definitely the most prepared one here. Hahah like it still makes me giggle how much stuff I have, like the other guys in my room who are all going to Guatemala don't have nearly as much stuff as I do, so we will see how they fair and how I fair! But better over then under prepared! But as of now there is nothing I can think of that I need! Thanks though!


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