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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hey hey hey! How is everyone!
It’s just another week here at the MTC!! there wasn't very much new this week, just studying, praying, working, reading, practicing, and lots of repeating those things!! It’s a blast but man it is so exhausting! I’m so so tired all the time! Ha-ha but that’s life :) This week we got to host the new missionaries that came in on Wednesday! So you have the car pull up at the curb, you grab their bags, then have them give there last quick goodbyes, then you take them into the main building to get their tags and all the misc. stuff they need. Then you take them and drop their bags off at their dorm, then go with them to get books, and study materials, then you drop them off at their class! It brings back a bunch of memories of my first day! It seems like it was just yesterday! But ya, the first day was nuts, like our teacher only talked in Spanish! And he talked so fast and I was like freak this is going to be a long long 9 weeks! But man oh man it has flown by! But ya, we hosted like 380 kids (there is a lot of hosts - I only hosted 2 kids) but next week is the first huge wave of kids! There should be nearly 900 kids coming in! It is going to be 100% insane! So we will for sure be hosting them too, and I’m sure I’ll be hosting for a lot of the day Wednesday! Ha-ha
But ya, our teaching is getting so much better we can confidently go and teach and meet people and the language is coming pretty good! But that’s as far as here! In 10 days I’ll be in Guatemala! And it’s gonna be nuts!!!! Like for real! I’m excited to not be able to understand anything! And to just be blown away! But I’m gonna try as hard as I can to talk to everyone and to get to know every one! And to teach everyone about this AMAZING gospel!!!! Gosh I’m so so so excited! Ah!
But ya, other than that nothing too exciting here!! I love you all! And hope your all doing amazing!!!!

ps my p-day next week is Saturday! And I’ll let you know then what time I’m gonna be at the air port and all that stuff!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!


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