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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hey hey!  Man this week flew by!!!!! ah curumba! But ya it was... good and bad, well like Monday night me and my comp had it out a little! haha :) Nothing bad just a long talk!  I felt better after, but a little awkward and we both went to bed a little pretty quiet. But I prayed hard that I would have more patience with him and he would have more patience with me! And that we could just work together at least so the work could progress!!! And ya one great thing about a mission the lord answers your prayers like freaky fast!!!! We woke up the next day, and we like started talking and just being friends!!! I know he changed a lot, and it probably took a lot of effort for him! but I’m so so so grateful cuz now we talk and share plans and are just more unified, like we will talk about random stuff, and our plans. We are like good friends now, and it has helped the spirit be with us so so much more!! Ya so we are all good on the companion situation.  As far as the 3 baptisms.... :( well they kind of fell through, the one "C." who was like super pilas (pilas is a word here for like a person or something that is just like awesome! and works hard, and is super good at something. idk it has a lot of uses, and you use it a lot) but ya he was super pilas, and we tried to get with him like all this week, but he was never home, and we couldn't get in contact with his mom either to have her sign the forms and stuff for baptism. So we couldn’t do his this Saturday, and the other 2 are brothers, and we just didn't feel like they were ready either, we got the signature from their mom, (she is an investigator too, but she doesn't come to church, or keep commitments) but didn't get to have any lessons with them, and they just were not ready! But we are hoping to be able to get with them this week and put a new date with them!!
The attendance at church this week was awful :( it was 45, but there was like chipi chipi and it was super freezing cold! and ya we only had 3 investigators there... (Bummer!!) But we are working on it!!
We have a few families that we are working with, there is the family of Hermano J. (he is member) - his wife (A.) and daughter (K.) are not members, we have had a few lessons with them, we tried to put a date for baptism with them last night, she said yes to baptism but no to a specific date, she want to get her answer first, so we are working with her, and praying for her, and I know she will get her answer!! Another problem is they are not married! So we need to work on that problem with them to, but they want to, so we just need to help them get it done!! And they have been attending church for the past 3 weeks straight, but they missed this Sunday! cuz of the cold/rain
- Hermana F. - she has 3 boys, she is so so accepting, and her kids love to study and read and have been reading the Book of Mormon and ya, we have only had two lessons with her, but we are working on it, the thing we are focusing on is explaining to her that this is the Only true church! not just another good message of Christ! And we want her to attend church, she said she needs to discuss it with her boys... and she didn't come this Sunday either:/ she has a husband, we have not had a chance to meet with him yet, (we are trying) but she says he does NOT like the things of God! So we will see how that goes! But we are praying for all of them!!
- the family of Hermano M.-  there is his wife Hna M., and a bunch of kids idk if they are nieces or friends, but he has for sure two kids a boy G. (11), and a daughter (idk her name about 14) and the grandma lives there two Hna M., we found about two weeks ago! We had a lesson with the whole family last Sunday, and this Sunday we went by there house to invite them to church, the dad said he had to leave for work right then, but the son (G.) and his cousin came to church!!
Hermano L. - he was a street contact last Saturday! and this Saturday we went and visited him and his wife (M.)(I think) and it went good! I think they have a little girl maybe 6, but they had a bunch of questions about missionaries, and random gospel points, so we didn't get to teach them a lesson, but we gave them answers to their questions, and taught and testified of doctrine! It went well, but they didn't come to church yesterday! :/ but will keep working with them!! They are great!

Ya those are our families right now we will work hard with them and see how it goes!!!
Thursday we had interviews with President Watts! They were good! But we had to leave about 6.30 take a 2.5 hour bus ride in a cramped little micro bus to Salaman!! (Luckily I had a seat!)  and ya they were good! i love President Watts! and especially his wife!! She has so much energy and just the biggest smile all the time!! I love it!! Then a 2.5 hour bus ride back to San Cristobal!! This time no seat!! (It sucked!!) One thing you learn is there is always room for more! They never ever pass anyone up! No matter how crammed it gets there is always room for more!! :/ not fun haha. But we got back about 4:30 and worked the rest of the day!!
 Ya it was an ok week! we worked hard but didn’t have a ton of success with our investigators! :/ but we will keep working hard and praying harder!!!

the language is good! I can understand probably 90 % and I can get my point across!! haha I need to do more serious language study so I can improve my conjugations! But I’m grateful to the Lord cuz really the language has not been a problem!!

ya Elder Brindle is in my zone! So it was fun so see him and talk with him last Monday, and I got to see him at the interviews Thursday too! So that’s fun! He is doing great and working hard too! His area is part of a city called san Jeronnimo sits in Baja Verapaz! Our zone is long and skinny and I’m kind of at one end and he is at the other!! But same zone!

Ok so yup! Oh ya mom and Dad! I can print letters and stuff so if you wanna send you diary put it  in one email, then send another shorter email with questions you want me to answer, or short notes that I can read during my hour on the computer. This way I can easily answer your questions, and take you diary, or longer letters, home to read!!

Oh got my first Guatemalan hair cut, (not bad! but no mom hair cut.  ;) )

Anyway love you so so so much!! Talk to you in a week!!

Elder Kumpf!!

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