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Sunday, August 11, 2013


well well well this week was another hard good crazy one!! but we are having a little bit of progress! ill start off with some of the hard stuff!

first off this sunday at church there was 37 peolpe!!!!! durring the sacrament there was only 16!!!! including the 4 of us elders! and we didn´t have any investigators again... :(  but its not cuz we did´t try!!! we had 3 families that promissed us that they were gonna come!!! the first is this less active guy Christian and his nonmember wife, they have a couple of kids (like 3 and 7) and so they want to find a good camino to raise them in! so we gave his wife the first lesson this week ans she took it so so well, we invited her to be baptised when she knows its true and she said yes, and she said she would read and pray so we are super excited for them! buit the husband i guess got mad sick sunday, so that why they didn´t come to church!

one of the other families is just a contact we did,hno Jorge, and his wife. the wife really like the respect the church and has talked with this member lady about how she wants to come!  and the husband really wants to change his like and accept more god in his life, the wife had to work sunday but the husaband said him and his daughter would come to church! when we passed by sunday in the morning, just the daugher was there, and when we visited them latter that night! (last night) he said he had to go do a work thing and came back real late... but we had a super good lesson with him and he talked about how much he wants to learn and change! we talked about the gospel of christ, faith and repentace and baptism, and then invited hi to be baptised! he said ya and we put a date with him for the 3rd of agust!!!! we are gonna get with his wife and daughter and put the fecha with them to! but for right now we just have the fecha with him!! but he and we are real excited!!!

the other family is actually the son of Hno Juan el bautista! his name is orarldo, and we are teaching him and his wife! he said he would come to church, but at that last minuet he got a call from some one that needed a taxi to coban! (he is a taxista) and so he really needed the money, but they are cool and we are excited for them!

hno juan and his wife(the old people) are progressing! but right now they are just praying to ask god if they should get baptised agian! we have explained the Authority like a million times, but they are jus not sure if the need/should be baptised a second time! sos we shared a scripture from acts 18 i think were people were baptised a second time, beacuse it wasn´t by authority and they didn´t get the spirit the first tim. but even this scripture didn´t really help him!so we have plans with a member to go and the member will share his testimony about when he got his answer to be baptised in the church! we think this will really help them! and they didn´t come to church again cuz i gues they had to go to coban to pick up his pention check! but we need to help them try harder to come to church! cuz that will help them progress alot and will help them get their answer faster!

alrighty with Hno roberto!  i think we are gonna baptise him this week!!! we went tuesday with him and gave him a lesson about the urgancy of baptism again, and we understood, then he also expressed so other things! for example he wants to do it in this water park place in santa cruz! he wants to do it there cuz the pool there is fed by this natural spring, and its like the begening of a river, and he likes the idea of his sins getting washed away, and litterly leaving down the river! and he also doesn´t want very many people there, cuz its his convenio with god and he wants it to be like just him and god! so i think it is just gonna be us and the branch prez and him! but ya hno roberto is a whole lot more excited for it now! so i think these might have been little think keeping him from doing it! but he just needs some one to cover him at work and we should be good to go for this saturday!! but it will be a little different cuz it is like a little water park! slides and all! but we got permission to do it after hours when there are not any people there so it should be a little more reverant!! but it will be interesting all the same!!! haha

anyway thats a little bit of the news with our work!! and as Ronald McDonald says! "im lovin it!"  wooo!

today for p-day we went with the zone to this cool water fall! again a super sketchy steep like trail to it but it only took about 30 walking this time! and man this thing was cool! the water was running hard! so this thing was shooting out mist like crazy! you litterly got soaked from head to toe in like 2 minuets! just standing kinda close! but its super cool!!!

anyways!! i hope mom had an awesome birthday!

today is the first day officialy of mission Coban! but we still have not heard anything about when we are gonna meet prez  Curtis or anything, but im sure we will meet him soon!


Elder Kumpf!!!


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