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Friday, November 30, 2012



Hey! So first off yes I’ve totally been getting all the letters and stuff you guys have been sending me! And I really appreciate it! I have also gotten all the packages you sent me to and I appreciate those! I also got some cookies from the Goodwin’s! And some stuff from Grandma! And yes Daniel can have my computer!
So there has been a change of plans! The Guatemala MTC Is taking on like 150 local missionaries In the next week or so, and their MTC's total capacity Is only 88.... So all North American missionaries that were going to go to the Guatemala MTC are now going to the Provo MTC for all 9 weeks! So I’m not going to the Guatemalan MTC! :(  I’ll be here for the next 7 weeks :(  But you know that’s life! And as they say, the lord works in mysterious ways! So it’s obviously supposed to be this way! I’m bummed but at least I still get to go to Guatemala! I should be leaving around January 14th! But I’ll let you know when I get my flight plans which should be in about 5 weeks! :/ and the other bummer is I won’t get to call you on Christmas! :/ they say it’s just not feasible for 4,000 missionary’s to all call home for 30 min on Christmas.... so :/ But you will get to hear from me when I leave for Guatemala!

My companion’s name is elder Brandon Brindle! And yes his P.O. box is the same as mine!

Oh as far as the picture you emailed me, the computer her doesn’t let me open it, but I do love getting pictures! So maybe if just every once in a while, if you could snail mail me a couple pictures (of just whatever (like what you guys are doing)) that would be awesome!

Anyways things here are great! We are now teaching two new Investigators! (They are MTC teachers, but they act like investigators we meet when on our missions!) So it’s awesome to practice! The language is coming ok... haha but I enjoy the challenge! The schedule is pretty nuts! It’s usually like wake up, breakfast; go to gym for an hour, change, personal study in the class room for an hour, then language study for an hour! (On your own, no teacher,) then lunch, then additional study for an hour! Then, like language study on the computer for an hour, then 3 hours of class! (Teacher talks In Spanish the whole time!) Then dinner, then another hour of companion study! Then another 3 hours of class! Then get ready for bed and sleep! They are long 16 hour days!! But it’s OK.  I love It! you have to rely so much on the Lord here, there is no way you can do it on your own!

Anyway! Love you guys! Talk to you soon!

P.s. sorry this is short! But... ya

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