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Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey! how's it going!
So this week has flown by! man time is just flying! its already been 3 almost 4 weeks! im super excited! its a blast here! we are just working hard and studying hard and praying hard! its tough tough tough! but yous all manageable with the lords help! yeah idk not too much to write about this week! :/ just another week in the CCM! (Spanish for MTC) Spanish is so fun! its awesome to be learning and talking and hearing so much! my Spanish has really grown exponentially! but were getting more into all the different conjugations things! and that's killing me! especially cuz the dumb US education system teaches you nothing about like present or preterit, or imperfect of future tense so just getting my head to think of a word, then think of it in spanish, then think of the tense it needs to be in then conjugating it, then trying to pronounce it! its hard! and exhausting by about 8:30 everyday my brain just kinda goes dead, and i cant talk in Spanish or even English! hahaha but we are starting HSI "habla su idioma"! which is "speak your language" which means we can only answer our teachers in class in Spanish! and we have to try to talk in Spanish as much as possible! i like it! its so fun trying to sling together some Spanish words that halfway make sense! and only talking to my companion and other people in Spanish! and it helps your language grow and it makes it way way easier to speak!
but yeah thats about it! just speaking spanish and teaching the gospel! thats what its all about!

love all you guys!!!

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