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Friday, December 14, 2012


Hey hey hey! so this week was another fantastic week! Time is starting to fly here! Today is day 31 of my mish! They have a saying around here that is 100% true they say a day feels like a week, and a week feels like a day! Like man the days are long and hard but you blink and all the sudden another week has flown by! But i love it! It is hard, hard, hard, but every second is worth it! Everyday I always want a couple more hours to study (16 hours a day just is not quite enough!), but its all good! We still have our "progressing investigators" (the teachers who act like people they taught on their missions) Their names are "Eloyda" and "Marcos".  We treat them like our real investigators, and its awesome to study plan and them teach them. We usually teach one of them a day, and we have had about 4 lessons with each of them! It's honestly really humbling! hahaha,  cuz man you realize first off how little Spanish you know, and second how hard it is teach the gospel! We are not allowed to bring any cheat cards or note books,  just us and our Spanish books of Mormon! But we are learning and getting better! the Spanish is coming pretty good! I can understand probably 90 % of what anyone says (if they talk slow.... :) ) and i can usually talk pretty well.  I just need to work on my conjugation! but, its all good! Ya we have a bunch of amazing teachers here! We have our two main teachers Hermano Ralphs (who plays Marcos the investigator) and Hermana Dayna (who plays Eloyda the investigator) They are amazing at teaching us Spanish, and building up our spirits! They keep it pretty realistic with the investigators too.  They never break role in our lessons, and after our lessons they don't give us feedback.  It's up to us to figure out what we did good, what we need to work on, and what we need to teach next! I love planning studying and preparing, always with our investigators in mind, always thinking about how we can help them come closer to Christ! We have been doing alot of other stuff too,  I have the "missionary Purpose" memorised in Spanish, and English, and the First Vision memorized in Spanish and English! Last night we got more homework, we have to have Doctrine and Covenants section 4 memorized in a week! BRING IT!!!!! haha but yeah!
 Thanks for all the letters you guys send! They are awesome! And thanks for all the food and treats you send they are awesome! My companions really appreciate them! hahaha anyway, I love you guys lots! Be safe!

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