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Friday, December 21, 2012


Merry Christmas!

Playing 4 Square!

Big Muscles!

Well the world hasn't ended yet! :/ so I guess that’s cool! Hahaha :)

Anyway, so I’m still just living up life here at the MTC! It’s hard to write about stuff cuz we kind of do the same stuff everyday! But ya, this week I started eating salads for lunch and dinner! (Kenny would be so proud!) cuz I started getting fat from all the awesome food they have, like I weigh 170! :/ but I started working out harder in gym too! Cuz gym here is really fun and for the first few weeks I just played 4 square!  And while it gets pretty intense here at the MTC it’s not exactly the greatest work out! Haha so I’m going to try to start working out harder!:) But I’m not going to lie I got pretty stinking good at 4 square!  We even made a mini four square thing in our dorm hall and played with a bouncy ball! ~Outrageous fun!~ but ya I love it!
The temple is closed from December 15- the end of the year so we didn't think we were going to be able to go today, but then our district got assigned to help clean the temple!  So at like noon we head up there and get to clean for like 3 hours! I’m so super excited for that!!!! And ya but other than that not too much!  It’s cold here! I’m really glad I brought that p- coat! But I’ll probably end up packaging it up with some other stuff to send home when I leave!

As far as my pretend investigators are going, they are hard! Haha I have asked them both to be baptized but they haven't accepted the invitation yet!  We are still teaching and inviting! Just trying to get them to come closer to Christ! It’s so fun like studying and planning and always things of them! Always thinking of what they need and how I can help them! One of them is really hard cuz we only have 15 minutes to teach him, and he is playing an investigator that is a teenager, who doesn't believe in god! And it’s not like he doesn't believe, he has set his mind that there is no god, and he doesn't need any help! And while he still lets us come over and teach, he kicks us out right at 15 min, and it’s so hard to teach him and get him to have enough of a desire to ask god if he is there, and commit him to do it! Cuz we will get him to where he says he would like to pray to ask god if he is there, then he is like, oh but I don’t know how to pray, and I have to go, so bye, then he kicks us out! It’s frustrating! But humbling!!! Hahah but ya we’re still working on him! There is no giving up! hahah

As far as dad’s questions!!!

-One thing I wish I was more prepared in before I went to the MTC was....
My scripture knowledge! Like I know the basics but I wish I had more scriptures memorized or could at least remember where Scriptures are! I honestly have the worst memory ever! I cannot remember where scriptures are, or even what we learned last week! It’s frustrating! but I guess it’s just means I have to work on it a lot more!

-Mission Prep I would teach...
~How to really really study the Scriptures!
~How to fully use PMG (Preach My Gospel)! I thought it only had the lessons! But it has everything you could ever need to know! From how to study, to Christ like attributes, to how to plan and use time effectively! There is a whole other 11 chapters besides the lessons that are just gold!!!!
~ And probably the things they should do, is have personal experiences that they can think back on and relate to the gospel! Have a love for the scriptures! and just learn how to do things for them self! Cuz here and in life, no one gives you the answers! it is all up to you! you have to have that desire to learn and grow! otherwise you won’t go anywhere!

-The thing I have have liked most about the MTC is spirit that is here! There is a super special feeling here, and you know it’s from the 2 or 3 thousand souls here that are all constantly trying to become more like Christ!! It’s amazing!
The thing I like the least is how little time we have to prepare... I don’t know what happens, but you never feel like you have enough time to prepare for your investigators, but you make the most of your time, and then rely on the spirit to help you with the rest!
Thanks for the Christmas ornaments! I have been opening one a day and hanging them on the little tree you sent me! I love them! they are all so stinking cool!!!!!!

I love you all so so so much!!!!!!!!! talk to you next week!!!

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